SQ_logo_outlookIn line with the trend of rapid economic integration, Vietnam has become a well-known market for the franchising model. Rising incomes and an emerging middle class are generating an increase in the consumer-driven sectors. Along with a growing interest in food and beverage concepts, there is considerable demand for lifestyle-oriented products and services. In fact, these are services that are made to fit the demands and trends of consumer behavior, such as time and cost saving, sustainable growth, and personal

Speed Queen® successfully launched across Europe a new concept of attended laundromats. Attended laundromats are typically cleaner than unattended stores, having staff members available to provide additional services, such as wash-dry-fold and wet cleaning. At an attended laundromat, a customer can drop off clothes and leave while laundry staff wash or dry the items. Attended laundromats are equipped with cutting-edge technology capable of handling all types of material, even the most delicate. Wet cleaning is more environmentally friendly than dry cleaning, and also kinder to linen. Professional ironing completes the high quality service the store provides for cleaning of clothes and house linen. The service helps people save time from doing the laundry at home.

Building on its European success, Speed Queen® is now looking for investors in Vietnam with experience in sales, retail and familiarity with the world of franchising. The objectives are to open several Speed Queen® laundromats in a pre-determined area, and expand of the number of attended laundromats across Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang.

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Why become a Speed Queen franchisee?

Speed Queen® is the only laundromat equipped with its own machines. The concept does not involve intermediaries. Therefore, you are guaranteed 100 percent direct support from Speed Queen, including:

Full support from A to Z

You’re interested in operating a laundromat? There’s good news: Speed Queen’s experts will accompany you every step along the road to success.

Location Selection

Selecting the right location for your laundromat is paramount to its success. That’s why Speed Queen® will accompany you throughout the project, from site selection to the grand opening.

Business Planning

Speed Queen® will develop a business plan with you, so that nothing is left to chance. The plan will lay out all details including fixed costs, variable costs, turnover estimate, size of premises, location dependent, etc. Count on Speed Queen® to help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Machine Installation

Making the world’s best laundry equipment is at the heart of Speed Queen’s business. The brand’s diverse range has been designed to fit the demands of various investors, and includes: fixed base and suspension washers, 30- to 75-pound (14 to 34 kgs) capacity dryers, and other commercial-quality units. Speed Queen® experts guide your choices, create a visually compelling design, arrange the practical induction and provide unique signage.

Marketing Support

Speed Queen® has all the resources you need to promote the laundry services and attract target customers, including store launch kits, eye-catching external signage as well as online and offline marketing templates. Plus, your laundromat also will be referenced in the laundry locator on the official Speed Queen® website.

Technical Support

Speed Queen® is renowned for prompt support: tips, maintenance and technical assistance are a part of Speed Queen’s service. You don’t have to worry about possible breakdowns and malfunctions.

In addition to looking for the right franchise partners, Alliance Laundry Systems* Vietnam office will be shortly opening and operating chain stores in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a validation of the brand’s trust in the market, and willingness to embrace the know-how and being capable to better support our franchise partners.

For more information about the profitable vended laundry sector, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will provide more information on the Speed Queen® concept and the secret of its success.

*About Alliance Laundry Systems

Alliance Laundry Systems is the world leader in commercial laundry, with equipment used in laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries in more than 140 countries. Under the well-known brand names of Speed Queen®, UniMac®, Huebsch®, IPSO® and Primus®, Alliance produces a full line of commercial washing machines, dryers and ironers with load capacities ranging from 15 to 400 pounds (6 to 180 kgs). Certain commercial products are also sold in the consumer laundry marketplace. For more information, visit www.alliancelaundry.com. 

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