Business Matching Program  is the most valuable event for all participants. The program will connect buyers with all exhibitors at VIETRF. 

No more time to find potential partners in a huge space, no longer waiting for the opportunity to exchange, Business Matching Program 1:1 will work on behalf of you to find out. Our staff will match you with appropriate exhibitors based on your interests and stated time frame. Your biz-matching schedule will be sent to you in advance before the opening of the show.

As its name implies, Business Matching Program 1:1 is committed to providing only 1: 1 exchanges, ensuring the highest efficiency for both parties. The program will held in 3 days from 1-3 / 11/2018. Each meeting will run for 40 minutes with a 20-minute break in between each meeting. There are about 8 meetings that will be arranged for each buyer per day (The first meeting session starts at 10:00am, and the last meeting session will begin at 4:20pm.) In addition, when you sign up for a trade connection, you will be supported by an interpreter and an attractive kit of Buyers Kit.

Please kindly fill in the below form to join our Biz Matching program for free: