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On August 7, 2018, Coex representative office in Ho Chi Minh City (“Coex Viet Nam”) – Representative of Organizing Board of Vietnam Int’l Retailtech and Franchise Show – 1 to 3 November at 799  Nguyen Van Linh (“VIETRF”), in cooperation with Retail & Franchise Asia (“RFA”) organized the signing ceremony “Co-operation signing ceremony to develop franchise market and the booming of retail solutions” to tighten the strategic relationship, thereby promoting the franchise and retail industry in Vietnam to new heights. The exhibition hopes to open the door for Vietnamese brands to step into the world and modernize the domestic retail industry, as well as the bridge for international brands to the Vietnam market.

Franchising is seen as an importation business model in the world. In the context of increasingly integrated economy, Vietnam is developing this trend. Over time, the domestic franchise market witnessed the participation of foreign and domestic enterprises.

RFA – Exclusive Co-organizer with Coex Vietnam



At the press conference, Coex Viet Nam’s representative, Mr. Shin Ji Hang signed the cooperation agreement – co-organizer of VIETRF with RFA and Chairman of RFA, Ms. Nguyen Phi Van. This is defined as strategic cooperation among the parties that have a great influence in promoting the development of the franchise and retail industry in Vietnam. The purpose of this cooperation is to contribuiting to the success of the 10th Vietnam Int’l Retailtech and Franchise Show.

Ms. Nguyen Phi Van, Honorary Ambassador of VIETRF Exhibition

Ms. Nguyen Phi Van is an expert in the field of franchising and retailing, becoming the VIETRF’s Honorary Ambassador and Content Advisor for the show’s preludes and on-site conferences at the exhibition. At the press conference, Nguyen Phi Van updated the current franchise situation in Vietnam.

For the first time in Vietnam, the launch of the Internet Retailing Zone- a joint venture between Coex Vietnam and Haravan – Strategic Partner with the theme: E-com Tour (E-commerce Tour)

Coex Vietnam, in partnership with Haravan- Strategic Partner, will be launching its first Internet Retailing Zone to showcase leading online technologies for shop owners, restaurants, and service providers who have the desire to integrate business operation in both offline and online channels.

This is a useful platform for small and medium enterprises, who want to exploit the potential of online sales, expand customer profiles and focus on exploiting target customers in online channels: e-commerce website, delivery apps, online marketing, and online payments. All of the e-commerce solutions mentioned above will be on display in the Internet Retailing area with the theme of E-com Tour, as a journey for visitors to better understand the trade path from offline (traditional channels) to online, combined with the “Training Class” to provide technology training classes, integration of on-line services, user guidance tools and Online advertising strategies for shop owners such as cafe, restaurant, fashion, cosmetics …

Internet Retailing is emphasized with the slogan “Go online to survive your business”.


Samsung showcases new technology which integrate new applications to optimize and modernize the store


At the press conference, there was also sharing on the technology industry – Samsung. The All-in-One screen brings innovative and highly interactive solutions to strengthen the brand, attract new customers and increase revenue.


The Vietnam Int’l Retailtech + Franchise show will be officially held from 1-3 November 2018 from 10am to 5pm at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC. The exhibit profiles: Retail Technology & Equipment, Store Furnishing, Internet Retailing, Franchising (Food, Fashion, Health, Beauty, other services …)

The exhibition is free charge for visitors. The registration is open now at

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