DCORP R-KEEPER is the leading Vietnamese company which specialized in consulting, integration and deployment of high-end solutions related to:

  • Point of Sales & management solutions for retails and hospitality.
  • Hotel management system.
  • Ticketing system .
  • Warehouse management system.
  • Total ecosystem for digitalizing the retail & hospitality outlet
  • Solutions for fast food chain

Was established in 2007, when we were the first company in Viet Nam implemented professional IT solutions for hospitality. For 8 years, we have build our company to be the biggest POS supplier in the market with the number of customers increased more and more and sustainable grow. We had more than 1,000 customers including well-known international chains: Dairy Queen, Swensen’s, Gloria Jeans Coffee, BUDs, NYDC, Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, Hoang Yen, My Way, Boomarang, Hogs Breath, Cocasuki, Thai Village…. In 2015 we marked to be a partner with the biggest F&B chain of Viet Nam, it named Golden Gate.

But it never stops in there, we always understand and remember that the trust of customers about our products and services which is our motivation to constantly learn and improve ourselves.

With  our understanding about market and customers, our company continues to develop more different products to provide the need of customers.