Do you want to own the oldest brand of milk tea in Vietnam?
With the trademark considered as the oldest in Vietnam. We were the first unit to bring Pearls milk tea to Vietnam at the beginning of the year 2003. Initially we only intended to sell raw materials and vocational training. Afterwards, owing to the market needs, in 2005 we opened the first store called Easy Life. Our Easy Life brand is 14 years old. We have produced Tea and Pearl balls, different Syrup types in Vietnam to meet Vietnamese standards and export standards to Taiwan. In addition to all the other ingredients, we import from well known brands of Taiwan.

Since the beginning, we have shaped the segment of customers mainly students, so our product’s prices have always been kept at a level that fits our consumers in all regions and countries.

Like the name Easy Life. Come to our brand, whether you’re a shopkeeper, a franchisee, or simply a customer who came for a cup of milk tea. You can feel your life easy from the price, the products to the way we cooperate.