Common Exhibitor Questions

What is the difference between a 'Shell-Scheme' and 'Space-Only' booth?

A shell-scheme booth is constructed by the host. Shell-scheme booths include 2 fluorescent lights, 1 company signboard, 1 information desk,  2 chairs, 1 power socket, 1 bin and pytex flooring. If there is any damage to the paneling or structure of the shell-scheme booth after the show (e.g. glue, nail holes), the exhibitor will be charged for repairs. Visit Booth Options and Details for more information.

A space-only booth will only provide the space so the Exhibitor will need to organize construction of the booth. Suppliers can be found at our recommended subcontractors page.

What else do exhibitors need to prepare and bring?

For successful and effective exhibition experience, participants should bring:

  • Display stands
  • Exhibits
  • Booth interior
  • Catalogues in English and Vietnamese
  • Business card stands
  • Anything else that is not furnished with the booth.
For space-only booths, is it required for exhibitors to use Coex’s recommended subcontractors or SECC-appointed suppliers for booth construction?


Participant companies can construct their own booths or choose their own installation companies to construct their booths.

When using non-designated companies, exhibitors must submit an Installation Report available in Section 7, Form 4 of the exhibitor’s manual. The exhibitor’s subcontractor should contact the VIETRF Secretariat to learn about applicable construction costs that may occur due to SECC rules and regulations.

What is the procedure for exhibit and equipment move-out?

To prevent any loss or theft of exhibits, exhibitors must submit an Exhibit Move-Out Form. Exhibits cannot be moved out without approval from the show organizer. The form is available at Section 7 Form 5 of the Exhibitor’s Manual, as well as the information desk at SECC.

Forms can be approved at the SECC information desk or secretariat’s office. When moving out exhibits, the move-out form must be presented to SECC security.

How can I prevent loss or theft of my company’s exhibits?

Security services will be provided at all times however during exhibition hours. We advise that at least 1 staff member be stationed at the booth at all times. Please take special care for valuable items such as laptops and cameras. The organizer does not hold any responsibility on any loss or theft.

May exhibitors modify shell-scheme booths?

Exhibitors must receive approval from the booth installation company before attempting to modify shell-scheme booths. Adding or removing partitions on shell-scheme booths modifies the structure of the booth. Please be aware that shell-scheme booth modifications may incur extra fees.

When will the organizer start supplying electricity to the halls?

Electricity supply will start at 4:00PM on November 04th ,2015, the last day of construction. Due to safety regulations, we cannot supply electricity until every ‘space-only booth’ exhibitor finishes construction on their independent booths.

We therefore ask that space-only exhibitors complete construction as soon as possible in order to avoid delays in electricity supply.

How can I check visitor’s database?

Any exhibitors that request a Customer Information System as part of their utility order can obtain visitor’s information. Customer Information System orders are not free of charge. Please see Booth Options and Details for more information.

Can exhibitors put their company logo on the signboard?

Exhibitors must ask their contracted construction company to find out whether printing logos on the booth signboard is possible. Signboard content depends on the contractor’s construction regulations. Please be aware that a request to include a logo on the signboard may incur extra fees.

When will admission tickets be issued?

Admission tickets will be issued at 1:00PM on November 03rd, 2015 – 2 days before the show opens. Tickets can be picked up at the Registration Desk located at the front of the exhibition hall.

Where can I get help for questions I have during the show?

During the entire exhibition period (including the construction and dismantling periods) staff will be available at the Information Desk located at the front of the exhibition hall. Information Desk staff will be able to help with any questions or concerns from exhibitors at VIETRF.