EyeQ is a tech start-up which develops advanced AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning technologies to revolutionize and disrupt the industries of retails, advertising, banking, security, Smart City & Factory.

In the very first year of operation, EyeQ continuously won many awards, such as the winner of Visa’s Everywhere Initiative 2018, the 1st prize in Startup Wheel 2017, Best E-commerce Startup in Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017, etc.

EyeQ’s technology and products have been presented to the public in many countries (Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan); gained much attention, appreciation, and trust.

As being practical and innovative, it is our honor to cooperate with customers that are currently working in many different kinds of fields, including Vietnamese and multinational companies: The VinGroup, The Coffee House (F&B), Unilever and many NDA-eds.

Everything is about Intelligence. It is the “Vision Intelligence” that we are heading to.

EyeQ non-stops creating smart products that make life better and contribute to the world innovation. We are carrying a mission to build the future, to make impossible become possible and to spread the Industry 4.0 spirit.