Gustavo Gano brand was born in sunny Italy.

Romantique, unique, outstanding , sophisticated, comfortable with plenty of hand-made decorations..That is how we can quickly describe our work. Our brand offers contemporary  and  good quality babywear and  womenswear at the best possible price.

European desing, manufactured in Vietnam is our key to success and price management.

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Our goal is to offer well-designed product , safety for children and adult.

Gustavo Gano through years put a lot of attention to the quality of fabrics , cut and decoration. All of our fabrics, decorations pass many test to ensure quality and usage .

Special attention we put to our fabrics, which are developed by a group of our specialist.

Plenty of prints will hypnotize you by their design , colorful and  outstanding look . Wearing that kind of a product on a hot summer day will make you feel cool and comfortable. 100% natural materials will give you light and fresh feeling, at the same time that kind of garment gives you a luxurious look.

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Over decades and since the fashion was born, all of the people feel important to look good, attractive, happy , shining and fashionable at any time and weather. Our team of professionals work every day to make all of our customer’s feel exactly the same …feel that they are feeling more comfortable, looking more fashionable and sure that the product they wear is safety for them and their children.

Gustavo Gano team wishes all of our customers to enjoy this spring – summer time!

May all your dreams come true!

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