The establishment of Hoa Lua Rice Trading Co., Ltd is the inevitable result, continuing the success of Tan Thanh Trading Co., Ltd, which specializes in manufacturing agricultural chemicals in more than 20 years.


During the 2013-2014 Winter – Spring crop, Hoa Lua Rice Trading Co., Ltd signed a contract with a number of farmers at Mekong Delta to produce high quality rice which meets the Global G.A.P. standard. As we can see, the dreams, as well as the value of hard labour sacrificed from all farmers, have connected with consumers from across the country through the premium quality refined rice of Hoa Lua Rice brand.

In April 2014, Hoa Lua rice is honored to be officially recognized as the rice produced from material areas, which fulfill the “Global Good Agricultural Practices” (referred to as Global GAP) regulation standards, ensuring production and food safety. Particularly, “biological power” has been applied to rice cultivation and protection throughout the whole sowing-harvesting-preserving process. In addition, Hoa Lua Rice products are strictly packaged accordingly to European standards (HAACP) to ensure overall hygiene, safety, and quality of product

On May 05, 2014, Hoa Lua Rice Trading Company officially put into operation, bringing the products to the consumers through the marketing trial products and expanding distribution network across the country. Up to now, Hoa Lua Rice has opened 03 showrooms at Tan Binh, Phu Nhuan districts and Phu My Hung- District 07 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Besides, our hygienic rice products  are also distributed at many major supermarkets across the country as Maximark, AEON mall, Vinmart, Saigon Supermarket, Satra Pham Hung, Giant supermarket, Lotus Mart, An Phu supermarket, Queensland Mart, Annam Gourmet , etc …

Hoa Lua product

In addition, we are developing online sales system via the website  and telephone switchboard 1900.636.474 to serve customers better and faster, which gives customers more choices in buying method.