If you walk through any street in Nha Trang, a coffee shop is never more than a stone’s throw away. Such a wealth of choice makes the city a coffee lover’s paradise! However, not all coffee shops are created equally, and at Discover Nha Trang, we love to check out those that have a unique product or story behind their creation. This is why we were delighted to meet owner’s of Iced Coffee, who shared with us their love of all things caffeine related!

A husband and wife team, Giang and Thuy met while studying in Singapore, and fell in love over coffee dates in the bustling metropolis. Having become accustomed to Western-style coffee, they returned to Vietnam intent on creating a brand that mixed local coffee beans with a western twist. Luckily, Thuy hails from the central highlands province of Dak Lak (the coffee growing capital of the country), and her parents own a coffee farm. This gave them the base ingredients for their coffee company, and they used their business experience in Singapore to set about creating their own coffee brand. This is how Iced Coffee was formed, and since its creation in 2012, the company has become one of the city’s most popular coffee chains due to its fantastic home brewed coffee and modern setting.

The process of growing their own beans is laborious and time-consuming but offers distinct advantages in that it allows the company to choose only the best and ripest beans for consumption, ensuring the quality is always up to its exacting standards. By owning the farm, it also allows them to sell the coffee,  both by the bag and the cup cheaper than rival coffee suppliers. It specializes in both Robusta and Arabica varieties and each bean is hand picked when red and perfectly ripe for processing in the factory, before being sorted and packaged in its custom packaging.

Upon stepping into an Iced Coffee branch in Nha Trang, the attention to detail is noticeable and the locations would not look out of place in any Western city. While popular with Vietnamese business people, the majority of clients are from abroad (both tourists and expats), a testament to the company’s growing popularity.

A lot of care has been put into the effective training of the Iced Coffee team of barista who diligently whip up the menu items, ranging from western favorites such as Lattes and Cappuccinos the signature Iced Smoothy and Coffee selections that use fresh ingredients and great presentation.

Smoothy-Iced-Coffee-Nha-Trang      Iced-Coffee-Nha-Trang      Cafe-Sua-Iced-Coffee-Nha-Trang

They also pay attention to their packaging design, creating tiny holes in the bags so that you can smell the delicious aroma of the beans inside. While more complicated and expensive to make this way, it is part of the wider concept of the company to focus on quality above all else.


The company has been slowly expanding its operation and now boast 4 locations in Nha Trang, with another under construction. Thinking farther afield, it has also set up a franchise store in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province with further franchises on the way in places such as Hoi An and Phong Nha. The ultimate goal of Thuy and Giang is to create a national brand of Iced Coffee branches that can compete with larger chains, but remaining true to its roots as a local grower, supplier and creator of delicious Vietnamese coffee. It’s the personal touch that makes the difference, so drop into Iced Coffee Nha Trang, and try it for yourself!