Introduction Joint Stock Company was established in 2010, specializes in producing and distributing professional software and hardware for various business model of F&B (Food and Beverage) industry. provides comprehensive management solution, from serving customers on-site, processing food, printing receipts to inventory management, etc. is also a perfect assistant for board of management. iPOS software is customizable, operate with high efficiency and suitable for all kinds of restaurants/cafe with the area range from tiny to large, even restaurant chain with a lot of sites in di­fferent locations.


Our POS solution is designed based on the operation of F&B industry in practice, combined with the latest hardware technology (POS machine, touch screen, PDA, thermal printer, etc). These technical innovations strongly boost the processing speed of the whole system with high stability and reliability. Besides that, has back-up solutions to protect data against any risk, even the smallest one. solutions are easy to understand and apply for every persons in a F&B company, from order staff­ to board of managers. The path to perfection is endless, that is why we continuously develop new features and update them into new versions for customers. always strive to bring highest value to F&B industry.


– F&B POS software

– F&B accounting software iPOS Accounting

– Remote management application iPOS Manager

– Food check application Smart Kitchen

– Order via PDA application

– Hardware such as: POS machines, printers, PDA, etc.



Sao Khue 2016 award for “The best restaurant management software of Vietnam” by VINASA – VIET NAM SOFTWARE AND IT SERVICES ASSOCIATION.