In 2013 : Kootoro Company was established in the US

In 2015: Launched Kootoro Vietnam & Toro Mobile Apps

In 2017: Introduced Toro Vending Machine

Vision & Mission
Create the most effective saving in both time and money for consumers, maximize profits for suppliers and investors. In short, creating a NEW WAY OF LIFE in both business and life

With the coffee vending machine, whole coffee is ground in the machine, then mixed into different drinks. The ingredients, pressure and temperature of the water used for mixing are precisely aligned, creating a delicious coffee in less than a minute. The machine is equipped with ice making system and is capable of mixing more than 20 different flavors: Italian coffee, Vietnamese coffee, and fruits tea. This is the unique machine in the Vietnam market.

The machine is very suitable for office environment, commercial centers, high-class residential areas. Kootoro owns:

+3000 vending machines have been located throughout the city.
+There are over 1000 transactions at each location everyday.
+1 million vending machine users aged 20-45
+Each month, more than 400 new vending machines are launched increasing user convenience

Forms of cooperation: renting vending machines, locations for lease, sharing profit, advertising. We are ready to create the most favorable conditions to welcome any business that is willing to cooperate. We all consider and offer optimal cooperation solutions for any requests or business ideas. Kootoro always recite “”Your success, also our success”””