Founded in 2011, the International Kindergarten System ME School is proud to be one of the pioneering schools in Vietnam, bringing about early childhood education using the Reggio Emilia approach that is derived from Italy and has developed extensively over 40 advanced countries in the world.

ME School is also a member of Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange. Simultaneously, ME School was honored to visit the beautiful & tranquil city of Reggio Emilia, Italy to attend International Study Group in Reggio Emilia approach with teachers and educators from around the world.

ME School aims to become a leading case on the application of the principles of early education, along with investment in infrastructure-rich, modern and safe environments. Above all, the teachers are trained and enthusiastic, with a dedication, sincerity and love for children.

We believe that every child born has a unique temperament and their own special potential, and the ME School system was formed with the mission to help children maximize their potential.

At the same time at ME School, children will develop a healthy lifestyle, rich in love, kindness and sharing in life to help the children realize that they really are special and useful to society.

We are committed to giving the children a healthy environment that is safe, loving and provides a great experience to them during their time as a part of the ME School family.