“Shogakukan – Shueisha Productions ( ShoPro) is the Japanese educational system. ShoPro is a subsidiary of Japan’s largest publishing houses; Shogakukan Inc., Shueisha Inc. Together, they distribute the majority share of the most popular magazines and comic books in Japan. They all are belong to Hitotsubashi Group. Besides working in the educational field over 30 years ; kindergarten operating, Childcare, General Kids Training from Kindergarten to Preliminary… ShoPro owns license for using the famous characters brandnames such as : Doraemon, Pokemon, Conan….

ShoPro is operating more than 55+ Japanese private kindergartens, has the big confidence and trust from Japanese Ministry of Education, and from Japanese parents. With our willing to share our experiences to the Vietnamese kindergarten in order to improve the Vietnamese teacher qualities, improve the Vietnamese kindergarten service qualities, ShoPro would like to present the kindergarten teaching method – The ShoPro Method (SPM)

The ShoPro Method (SPM) is the kindergarten teaching method with Japanese style based on the kindergarten educational theory of Professor Uchida Nobuko, a very famous professor in the developmental psychology field, Child Brain Development Research for many years in Japan, combine with the realistic practical experiences over 30 years in Childcare and Kindergarten Educational System of Shogakukan Shueisha Productions (ShoPro).

The children target of ShoPro Method (SPM) aimed at: warm-hearted children, self-reliant, cooperative.

Teaching Method of The ShoPro Method ( SPM)

The ShoPro Method (SPM) trains the kindergarten teachers how to approach children, help children learn from play and activities, contribute to the construction of a high quality kindergarten to develop the kids capabilities.

In order to expand in Vietnam market, we are welcoming the educational investors , kindergarten owners, the principles, and the partners are interested in distributing our SPM , and kindergarten operating system… “