Established in 2015, AhaMove is an on-demand transportation application that helps not only shoppers to deliver hundreds orders a day, but also thousands shippers to earn more with attractive bonuses. AhaMove is a member of Scommerce Group, the leading provider of transportation in Vietnam with a wide range transportation network across the country.

AhaMove is the No.1 On-Demand with these below outstanding services:
– “Sieu Toc”: Fast and Safe Delivery within 55 min.
– “Sieu Re”: Save 20% on Fast Delivery within 120 min.
– “Dong Gia 25”: Multiple-order Delivery at 25,000đ per stoppoint
With more than 40,000 Drivers, AhaMove can meet the needs of nearly 50,000 merchants. We are proud to be a partner of Top merchants in Hanoi and HCM such as: The Coffee House, Heineken,Sendo, Lazada, Juno, Tuticare, Mia, Gà nướng Ò Ó O, Petmart, Le Castella Vietnam, etc

We strive to offer our customer the wow service experience which is CHEAPER, FASTER, & SMARTER by combining the power of TECHNOLOGY, OPERATION EXCELLENCE & LOGISTICS NETWORK.

To become Vietnam’s number 1 on-demand delivery platform:
+ Serving hundreds of thousands merchants of all sizes, cross-categories, in big cities
+ Help create million of shipping freelance jobs
+ Deliver packages to tens of millions of recipients
All within 5 year 2016-2021

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