Tupperware – The American most famous brand in virgin plastic home products, which provides intelligent solutions for food storage, food containing & food preparation, officially firstly joins in Vietnam International Retail & Franchise show from 1 June 2017 to 3 June 2017 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center – SECC, 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC

With 70 years of development, Tupperware Brands in current available over 100 countries with 16 factories all over the world, has brought to consumers many safe, high quality and smart design virgin plastic home products, which help to save time and money for families worldwide. With enthusiasm of bringing better life to people, Tupperware products is made for using in long time to reduce waste from one time using plastic. In current, Tupperware Vietnam, a branch of Tupperware Brands US, exclusively distributes products of Tupperware brand in Vietnam.

Coming to Vietnam International Retail and Franchise Show, Tupperware Vietnam wants to have more business partners to distribute Tupperware products nationwide. Becoming Tupperware’s business partners, you will be officially distributors of Tupperware – famous world class brand with small to medium investment in parallel with small risk, exclusively have special treatments as well as attractive business policies besides are fully supported from Tupperware to develop business. Our objective is “Tupperware in every home” and we now have 20 outlets in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Vung Tau, Quy Nhon. Durable, high-quality and safe home products business is somehow new business in Vietnam but home products are always necessary for families, therefore, business with Tupperware is a potential business for Vietnam women.


In Tupperware booth, we introduce 3 main categories distributed in Vietnam including:

+ TUP: specialized in water bottle / flask in multiple colors and capacity, has been credited by millions of mothers all over the world.

+ Cooking class: specialized in solutions for food cooking fast, conveniently and safely, suitable for modern life.

+ Home solutions: specialized in solutions for food storage & food containing in fridge and kitchen cabinet

HINH TU LANHEspecially, Tupperware Vietnam provides free Home Service when purchasing set of Home Solutions products. We will consult our customers about safe, appropriated & necessary food storage solutions suitable with their family’s demand and we also offer shipping and instruction in details about how to use the products at our customers’ home, as well as cleaning fridge and kitchen cabinet.

With the 1st launching at Vietnam International Retail & Franchise show, Tupperware Vietnam hopes to bring you the best kitchen experience with perfect food storage, food container & food preparation solutions. Activities such as Retail Investment consultation as well as real experience with products will bring visitors exciting interaction with brand throughout 3-day event at Tupperware Vietnam booth.

Tupperware officially came to Vietnam in 2016. Currently, Tupperware Vietnam has 3 main categories: TUP –  specialized in water bottle / flask in multiple colors and capacity; Home solutions – specialized in solutions for food storage in kitchen cabinet and fridge; Cooking Class – specialized in solutions for cooking with smart & eco- friendly products