Viva International Corporation was established in 2009, and was named as IQ PLUS Company. Viva is viewed as one of the leading coffee companies in Vietnam.

In 2013, with the dynamism, creativity and anticipation of coffee development in the future, we have started to successfully build and bring efficiency to the Franchise System “VIVA STAR COFFEE” in Viet Nam.

Viva International mainly provide a comprehensive solution for the system of cafes, restaurants, hotels… We are the consultant and distributor of coffee, coffee machines and related materials for the cafe system, such as ice tea, cups, sugar bags, etc. With the advantage of having the VIVA STAR COFFEE franchise system, our staff has the full knowledge and practical experience to advise and consult you suitable coffee modes in accordance with cultures and coffee drinking trends in Vietnam and other countries.

At present, the VIVA STAR COFFEE system is a new business model with its own signatures that are impressed the most difficult coffee lovers. The clear evidence for showing how quick we have grown in the market is having more than 180 franchise branches in the middle of 2018 with a store in Phnom Penh – Cambodia and our goal is reaching 200 stores at the end of this year.

Come to VIVA STAR COFFEE, customers not only can experience the new spaces where they can share, empathy and demonstrates for a new spirit of coffee.