Ÿ   Shanghai Chuangli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbr. CNCL Industry) is one of China leading manufacturers with over 10 years’ experiences in ice making machine.

Ÿ   We are the top three quality among China manufacturers all the time, possess the sole R&D team in this industry, and furthermore get zero complaint from customers since exportingt, and thus win the respect and trust of customers from more than 60 countries around the world.

Ÿ   BP Global, Carrefour, are our long-term business partner, we proudly become the unique ice maker of Incheon Korea Asian Games in 2014,  CNCL Industry always accept OME & ODM partner for over 40 famous brands at home and abroad. Now, global exclusive agencies or distributors are always welcomed to consult with us.

Our company have passed the CE, ISO 9001, and ETL. is under way.

Main Products & Application:

Ÿ   Main Products & Application CNCL Industry offers a wide range of commercial and household ice-making products such as vertical and modular ice machine, snowflake ice machine, milk ice machine which use in family, hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe’ shop, supermarket, transportation, etc.

Ÿ   CNCL Industry adopt the most advanced technology of refrigeration equipment from USA and Italy and keeps above 80% primany parts made by international top manufacturer, obtaining several of patents like exclusive designing, water pump and intelligent voice, etc. We are very proud to keep a plentitude of new concepts, ideasand innovations in recent years.

Technical Highlight:

  1. Unique patented siphon drainage way can make the scale not be piled up and make the ice more crystal clear.
  2. Overflow drainage can constantly drain scale at the bottom of water tank from the machine and hard. It lowers the ice center temperature and prolongs the solvent time, so ice drink will be more refreshing, crisp and tasting fine.
  3. By humanity design for cold light lamp, people can take ice freely under the weak light without disturbing others. It can easily add ultraviolet germicidal lamp to make the ice more cleaning andlet people more healthy as well as the machine more environmentally friendly.
  4. Vertical Ice Machine has a elegant appearance with the design of arc shape door frame.
  5. Split Ice Machine is very convenient for maintaining to get off the front panel by just easily unbolting off the four screws and frame structure can quickly remove the right and left side panel, roof and back panel.
  6. Optional intelligent voice system can report faults and makes more convenient for the usage and maintenance.


  1. Simple maintenance and easy to move:

If applies the modular design. Once the parts need to be replaced, you will disassemble the old parts and replace the new ones easily.

  1. Simple maintenance and easy to move:

If applies the modular design. Once the parts need to be replaced, you will disassemble the old parts and replace the new ones easily.

  1. Energy-efficient technology:

The optimal designed engine of slice ice machine with inner film scraper keep it running well. It applies the special alloy material and patent processing technology, which guarantee the high-efficient heat conductivity. The cooling surface of this kind of slice ice is more than 1750m2/ton. Compared to other slice ice machine, our slice ice machine can produce more ice the same compressor.

  1. We can make a customized solution for you and design the best cooling system which alway keep freshness of food.
  2. Excellent electric control system:
  • The electric control system of this kind of slice ice machine use the international famous brand—LG, which lengthen the working life and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.
  • Fully automatic and accurate control system can adjust the cooling performance of the compressor to the best status, which can improve COP value and save energy.