By the end of 2008, we found that the development of society is developing fast, people weren’t enough time staying in the coffee shop to enjoy the cup of coffee in the morning, the customer demand take a way coffee to enjoy in the workplace is necessary.

So in Jan-2009, Z! CAFE launches the first F&B kiosk “take a way” in the Bien Hoa City, open a new trend F&B comfortable products in this city. Currently, after more than 9 years operation, Z! CAFE products seem to have merged into society, harmony with people and gradually become a separate feature, indispensable, as a daily habit of customer.

Our goal is to provide best products with the most affordable prices. Z! CAFE has diversified in size and area of the coffee shop to serve more customers every day. Every year, Z! CAFE is proud to offer millions of Vietnamese coffee to customer.