Mix ‘N’ Match Co., Ltd.

Mix ‘N’ Match Co., Ltd. Website: http://www.cocoduckgallery.com/ Room 501A, Lee V/ai Commercial Building,5lfl, 1 -3, Hart Avenue, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Mix ‘N’ Match Company Limited was established 1976 as Manufacturer Importer/Exporter of Genuine Leather Goods, Shoes, Jackets and Clothing and other Accessories. We produced in our factory in Dongguan, China and now starting our own […]

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Improving the Modern Shopping Experience The shopping experience has evolved through the years, becoming mostly online transactions as opposed to in-store shopping. Although buying online is convenient, the instant satisfaction of purchasing something in the store is missing, as well as the face-to-face interactions with store associates. To make the most of this customer experience, […]

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Giới thiệu về Arkki Arkki là Trường giáo dục Kỹ năng và Tư duy sáng tạo cho trẻ em thông qua các dự án kiến trúc. Ra đời ở Phần Lan từ năm 1993, Arkki đã tổ chức hàng ngàn chương trình giáo dục cho cho hơn 20,000 trẻ em ở hơn 20 nước trên […]

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Tích hợp công nghệ vào hệ thống bán lẻ: VuFood chứng minh không điều gì là không thể xảy ra Trong cuộc cách mạng công nghệ 4.0, người ta chứng minh rằng robot không thể thay thế con người, đặc biệt trong kinh doanh ngành F&B – thực phẩm đồ uống, trí tuệ nhân tạo […]

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Gustavo Gano

GUSTAVO GANO is a young fast developing Italian brand that offer casual & free style product for women, men and kids. We mainly export products from Vietnam to European. During many years of experience, we found a balance between high quality and attractive price. Gustavo Gano put a lot of attention to the quality of […]

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Morning Chicken Crowing

  TST international Marketing Co,. Ltd. owns different kinds of restaurant franchise in Taiwan. We love to see how customers enjoy our foods, and wish to contagious the happiness to the world. Website: http://www.morningchicken.com.tw/

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Prowill Technology was established in 2000 and founded by a group of barcode professionals with expertise in both hardware and software.We specialize in Barcode Printer, Thermal Receipt Printer, 1D / 2D Customize Brand Barcode Scanner. And we also sell consumables like labels and papers for customers’ conveniences. Prowill’s core value is to provide not only […]

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Phistek Inc.

Phistek Inc. is specialized in monitor design and manufacture for POS application. The product covering from 7″ to 15″ with choices of VGA, USB or HDMI signal input. Resistive and P. CAP touch are available for most of models. Item introduction: Full range rimless POS monitor for retail and hospitality applications. Website: www.phistek.com

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JMT Asia Group

Chúngg tôi là công ty chuyên phân phối độc quyền các sản phẩm tinh dầu và mỹ phẩm thương hiệu Nhật Bản.

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Vietnam growth among Asia’s highest despite Covid-19 slump: ADB

The Covid-19 pandemic could see Vietnam’s growth slow down to 4.8 percent this year, but it will remain among Asia’s fastest growing economies.

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The Next Big Thing in Food Franchising

If someone says curry you probably think about an Indian dish. But there’s another kind poised to breakthrough in the U.S. market. Japanese curry, commonly a bit milder than its fellow Asian counterpart, is beginning to take hold in parts of the country and could soon spread just as far as other Japanese delicacies like ramen, […]

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The Big Story: Delivery Service Increasing Among Food Franchises

The rest of the food franchising world is finding out what the ice cream man and pizza franchises have long known: customers like delivery. In fact, according to National Restaurant Association data, delivery accounts for 63% of restaurant traffic in cities and other urban areas. Since many food franchises don’t have an in-house system for […]

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Both have their own benefits, largely determined by the personality of the entrepreneur. A man who wants to make every decision about how the business operates will find that the freedom to do that is a great advantage when starting a business. The decision to start a business is just the beginning of the many […]

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Vietnam ranks 8/12 in the world’s leading franchise market

Vietnam is ranked 8th among the top 12 markets targeted by international businesses for franchising, of which 43% of Korean businesses have chosen Vietnam in their franchise strategy. Ms. Nguyen Phi Van – President of Retail & Franchise Asia – said: Vietnam is currently ranked 8th of the top 12 markets identified by the International […]

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Hàng trăm nhãn hiệu được nhượng quyền tại Việt Nam

Từ đầu năm 2018 đến nay, Bộ Công Thương đã cấp phép nhượng quyền cho 10 công ty nước ngoài vào Việt Nam. Bên cạnh đó, ngày càng nhiều các thương hiệu từ khu vực châu Á, đặc biệt là Đông Nam Á dần quan tâm đến thị trường Việt Nam. Thống kê về nhượng […]

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Được thành lập vào năm 2014, Haravan ( Haravan Technology Corp) là công cty công nghệ cung cấp nền tảng quản lý bán hàng đa kênh giúp cho doanh nghiệp lớn nhỏ và người kinh doanh vận hành công việc kinh doanh từ online đến offline một cách dễ dàng. Sau hơn 4 năm thành […]

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Nhượng quyền: Cao tốc lên đỉnh vinh quang hay đại lộ thẳng vực phá sản – Hãy chọn đúng ngã rẽ với VIETRF

Như các bạn đã biết, nhượng quyền được Entrepreneur đánh giá là mô hình kinh doanh an toàn nhất với tỷ lệ thành công hơn 90%. Nhưng đối mặt với một quyết định đầu tư lớn trong sự nghiệp, 10% rủi ro cũng đủ để khiến nhiều người chùn chân. Vì thế, phải làm gì […]

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Bạn có nhãn hiệu muốn phát triển chuỗi hay bạn muốn đầu tư, hãy đến ngay VIETRF 2018!

NHƯỢNG QUYỀN – MÔ HÌNH KINH DOANH DUY NHẤT VỚI TỶ LỆ THÀNH CÔNG HƠN 90% Theo tạp chí uy tín Entrepreneur: “Tỷ lệ thành công của mô hình nhượng quyền là hơn 90%, biến đây thành mô hình kinh doanh với rủi ro thấp nhất trong lịch sử.” Và theo FranchiseUSA: “Nếu so với một trào lưu […]

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Vietnam international retailtech and franchise show – VIETRF 2019 attracts the participation of 180 franchising models, 100 equipment and technology stores from countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,… At the same time, focusing on display, introducing products, trade shows, thematic workshops, retail seminars and franchising. Regarding store technology, VIETRF 2019 introduces […]

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VIETRF 2018 Result

The Vietnam International Retail-tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2018 has attracted the participation of 150 brand franchising models, 50 retail-tech brands from 14 countries like Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Canada, India, Philippines, USA … Especially with the support of COEX Organizer, more than 10 years of experience in organizing exhibitions in Vietnam, […]

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Show report – VIETRF 2017

Activities during Exhibition:

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VIETRF 2019 results
More information
280 Companies

300 Booths

180 Countries

13,018 Visitors


Mr. Ngo Anh Tuoi


I believe that this event is a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses and young people to have the opportunity to interact and develop the retail industry in Vietnam.Through 3-day event here, Samsung brand receives a lot of positive feedback from customers, and we will consider to attend this event in the coming years.

Mr. Pham Thanh Nhan

Viva Star Coffee

More than ever, I think the franchise market in Vietnam is very exciting, and coming to this year's fair is also the second year that Vivastar Coffee has participated. With the effectiveness of the first year, Viva continues to accompany the exhibition this year. With the effectiveness achieved and the abundant number of customers like this, Viva will also be in the third year with VIETRF.

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen


VIETRF is an opportunity, a place for businesses, franchisors, especially franchisors of Vietnamese brands, to meet investors and entrepreneurs to develop the franchising model that is still the business trend of the world, and is blooming Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nha


GS is very respectful and very welcoming with the network business, through this exhibition of franchise fair organized by VIETRF. It is a very good opportunity not only for GS25 and also for other brands from around the world.

Mr. Alex Mo


Franchising is one of the ways to expand the businesses in Vietnam market, because Vietnam is very opened market. But i think as a new brand, looking for a new partner, a very powerful fund partner to franchise a brand in Vietnam market, i think it's a good choice for us.

Mr. Truong Sang


There are a lot of clients visiting the exhibition, and we are also in contact with some potential franchisees coming to our booth to know more about our service or to get consultation. I think next year we will be ready to take part in this exhibition again, because I find it really fits to our company's franchise model.

Mr. Rinaldi Hartono


I think coffee in Vietnam is really getting growth. Whenever I go to the city, everywhere is a coffee shop. I think its a new trend, its a good trend in both Vietnam and Indonesia. Yes, this is our first time to come here. Most likely next year we will come again.

Mr. Bryan Loo

CEO & Founder | TEALIVE

“I like this platform because it gives us great brand exposer for Tealive in Vietnam. I think after the show a lot of people enquiring for Tealive franchise everywhere in Vietnam Not even in Vietnam, in the region as well, because delegates coming from many different parts of the world. I will definitely come back for the next year.”

Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong

Head of Marketing | IPOS.VN

“For me, VIETRF 2018 is more than I expected, from the professionalism of the Organizer, partners, and participants, a lot of customers come to our booth. We received relatively many levels of interest of customers with real needs. We received a lot of emails directly related to the product on the first day from customers and mentioned that they knew from this year's fair..”

Ms. Vo N. Bach Yen Thu

Event Manager | Haravan

"During the 3-day exhibition, many exhibitors provided products from many different countries, especially e-commerce solutions from leading technology companies, Haravan had connected with the right target customers, businesses that Haravan aims."

Mr. Chi Yuan Chang

T4 Milk Tea

"I think it's quite good, more and more people are coming. I think I will join in next year."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu


"This is the 3rd year TOT participated in VIETRF, I am very impressed with the professionalism of the Organizer. This year the show has a lot of participants, and I have a lot of good opportunities from this year. TOT has always focused on retail, but thanks to participating in this year's event, it also has access to many new customers, especially in the field of milk tea and franchising or coffee from this year's show. So I am very satisfied."

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