26 September, 2019

Citrus Zone


Established in 2015, Citrus Zone aims to promote healthier lifestyle to consumers by offering freshly-pressed juices that are nutritious, accessible and affordable. 

Opened for franchise in 2016, Citrus Zone has opened 90+ stores nationwide, present in major malls, and commercial and business centers.


With the onset of fast food, and junk foods, Citrus Zone aims to promote healthier diet by offering freshly-pressed juices, thereby maintaining the freshness and nutritional value of the fruit.

Citrus Zone Refreshment was created in 2015 to respond to the concept of healthy living.

CZR envisions to promote healthier lifestyle by providing freshly-pressed juices that are delicious, nutritious, affordable and accessible to all.

CZR intends to achieve this by:

  • Continuously maintaining a quality and a health-conscious mindset in the development and preparation of products.
  • Building partnership with stakeholders who share the same passion for healthy lifestyle in propagating the business among different locations.

Training & Support:

  • 2-day supervisory and store management training.
  • 3-day in-store on-the-job training
  • Back-office performance monitoring support through franchisee portal store performance analysis.
  • Local and national marketing assistance.
  • Quarterly refresher trainings for owners and existing crew.
  • Regular store visits and dedicated account officers.

Link: www.worldfranchisecentre.com/p-detail.php?bid=588

Citrus Zone Refreshment




Ms. Nhan Liêu: +84-93451-1953

  • nhann.coex@gmail.com






Ms. Camille Chen: +886-2-2749-34681 | +86-13910485231

  • twcchen@gmail.com

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