29 August, 2019



?The Don Chicken brand was born in 2015, with a product associated with premium grilled chicken. Based on know-how and advanced technology, we have been established and become Korea’s leading brand in the grilled chicken industry through the development of world-class items and a range of products. different.

“Providing a great experience for customers’ meals” is the goal that Don Chicken always aims and tries to complete it in the most perfect way. We always put ourselves in the customers’ mind to always understand the behavior and thinking of our customers, thereby producing delicious and quality dishes.

Don Chicken is gradually asserting its position in the eyes of customers, changing the “taste” of customers is extremely important issue for the mission of Don Chicken.

Don Chicken is famous for its  CHEESE CHICKEN, and has been the favorite product of the customers, thinking of Don Chicken is thinking of Spicy Boneless Grilled Chicken with Cheese.

  • Exhibitor name: DON CHICKEN
  • Booth location: D15, D17
  • Service: Franchise F&B.
  • Website: https://donchicken.vn/



Ms. Nhan Liêu: +84-93451-1953

  • nhann.coex@gmail.com






Ms. Camille Chen: +886-2-2749-34681 | +86-13910485231

  • twcchen@gmail.com

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