15 October, 2019

Serboek Sari

We are the oldest coffee company in West Sumatra, even in Asia we are one of the very few coffee companies that are more than a century old.

We started making coffee since 1918 when the Dutch colonized, when Japan colonized Indonesia 3.5 years we also still made coffee, when the atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki we also still made coffee, even when the proclamation seconds were read Bung Our Karno was wrapping coffee in Karisiak (dried banana leaves) while listening to it on the radio. Up to this moment, one hundred and one years have passed, we still make coffee.

We prove that at the age of 101 years the quality of the taste and aroma of our products is maintained and continues to be in demand by Indonesian people and even the world.

It has been proven that we have exported coffee to all 5 countries with our partner House of Indonesia. Our export destination countries are Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Spain and the USA.

We have brands, recipes, and roasting techniques that are guarded and passed down from generation to generation until now when they are 101 years old.

We have 2 coffee refineries which can produce up to 50 tons of coffee per month.

To maintain the quality of coffee beans, we have local coffee farmers, who are always consistent in maintaining the quality of green beans according to the specifications we want.

We remain and will always maintain the technique of roasting using wood, because we believe and believe, until now at the age of 101 years, traditional roasting using wood always presents the best quality taste and aroma of coffee in the World.


To make Indonesia coffee famous in the world by making 101-year-old Serboek Sari become the oldest company that still stands and continues to work in the archipelago.


Continue to work and innovate so that black coffee is increasingly in demand by consumers who are not only men but also women, and not only the elderly but also young people



Ms. Nhan Liêu: +84-93451-1953

  • nhann.coex@gmail.com



Ms. Won Choi: +82-2-6000-8127

  • wjchoi@coex.co.kr



Ms. Camille Chen: +886-2-2749-34681 | +86-13910485231

  • twcchen@gmail.com

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