The retail and franchise market in Vietnam are rapidly growing. According to the General Statistics Office, total retail sales of goods and services are estimated at VND 3,934.2 trillion by 2017, up 10.9% from the previous year. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, since 2007, there have been 206 enterprises with hundreds of franchises licensed and operating in Vietnam.

1/11/2018 – Retail day!

10:00  – 11:00
What’s Next in Retailing? (Presented in Vietnamese)

For the future of retail, the stories shared daily on social networking sites will become real “battlefields”. The journey before and after the customer’s buying decision is becoming more and more important as loyalty becomes less and less available. Learn what will happen in the retail industry with Hanh Nguyen – Senior Manager of TNS Vietnam.

11:00  – 12:00
Retailing in Vietnam: Opportunities or Challenges? (Presented in English)

During the recent changes, Vietnam retail market has witnessed quite opposite stories, brands quietly disappeared from the market likes Maximark, Metro, Fivimart, and brands rushing their investment with strong confidence in the future likes Vinmart, Bach Hoa Xanh … Which opportunities or challenges are waiting for them? Listen to the analysis of experts from iBasic, Tealive, and Mr. Eckart Dutz – CEO of Pacific Partners Vietnam.

13:00 – 14:00
Omni-channel Retailing: What Retailers Need to Know (Presented in Vietnamese)

Omni-channel is becoming a business strategy that determines the fate of many businesses. It is the weapons that can help businesses survive with today’s “retail hell”. Speaker Lam Ho, Huynh – CEO of Haravan Vietnam will provide the core knowledge of Omni-channel Retailing for businesses that want to survive.

14:00 – 15:00
Retail Leasing in Vietnam – Future Outlook (Presented in Vietnamese)

Retail businesses are in the midst of a race to expand their market and gaining more market share, they all want to have the best positions despite the high prices. In the first half of this year, Ho Chi Minh City added 509 convenience stores, doubling the number of existing stores by the end of 2017, creating favorable conditions for tenants. Join the CEO of Saville Vietnam to learn about the prospects of retail leasing in the future.

15:00 – 16:00
Panel Discussion: Trending in Retail Design (Presented in Vietnamese)

It is well known that providing quality products and services will increase competitiveness in retail, but nowadays, most managers overlook the importance of Retail Design. The stores often have many mistakes that are difficult to repair, or you must spend a large amount of money to do it. Moderator: Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung will lead the discussion group on this trend.

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2/11/2018 – Franchising day!

10:00  – 11:00
What’s Next in Franchising? (Presented in Vietnamese)

2018 saw the franchise industry continue to change dramatically with the appearance of many foreign and domestic brands. Up to now, 195 foreign companies have franchised in Vietnam, of which 40% are F&B brands. What the future will hold? Phi Van Nguyen – Founder, Retail & Franchise Asia will reveal the future’s secrets.

11:00 – 12:00
The Rise of Regional Franchise Brands (Presented in English)

From fast food to consumer goods and convenience stores, the regional brands are massively flooding Vietnam’s market. Most of the brands carry a hopeful plan in Vietnam to dominate the market, meeting the needs of every segment. Discuss this investment wave with Franchise Association Reps of Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Ms. Nguyen Phi Van – Founder, Retail & Franchise Asia.

13:00 – 14:30
Investor Talk – Featuring 4 potential franchise models for Vietnam (Presented in Vietnamese and English)

The first question that most individuals or businesses ask before joining a franchise is: “How much are franchise fees and its profitability?” But in reality, which model you will invest in is more important than that. At present, Education, Food & Drink, Services and Retail are the four models that are working really well in Vietnam. Listen to the leading investors of these 4 models.

14:30 – 15:30
Franchise Chain Operations: Do’s and Don’ts (Presented in English)

Franchising began in the 1880s, leading to countless successful experiences being passed on to the next generations. Although the market and the model have evolved quite differently from the beginning, some principles always be true in every case. Utkrisht Sahai, CEO of Z! Cafe International will share with you these unchanged principles.

15:30 – 16:30
Franchise Model Trending: What’s New Out There? (Presented in English)

The rise of the Millennials, the “go green” trend, the suspicions of an economic crisis … all are the tendencies that can change the face of today’s franchise. Troy Franklin, COO – World Franchise Associates will provide the latest developments in the industry.

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3/11/2018 – Innovation day!

10:00 – 11:00
What’s Next in Retail Technology? (Presented in English)

No one is able to accurately predict the future, but you can somewhat predict the trend over the next few years through the technologies being applied and researched. Microsoft Vietnam representative will share with you to the technologies that are changing all physical stores as well as e-commerce sites or customers’ home.

11:00– 12:00
Open Innovation: The Way Forward (Presented in English)

“Open innovation” meaning, to maximize creativity, in addition from the businesses’ inside, there is a more important factor is to take advantage and attract creative ideas outside the enterprise. From this model, the way from ideas to products is always the shortest, which can lead to promptly customers’ satisfaction. With CEO of Nestle, find out why Open Innovation is one of the solutions to solve the cost problem for small and medium enterprises in Vietnam.

13:00 – 14:00
Innovation As A Mindset (Presented in English)

Innovation comes from mindsets. Especially in the big corporations, when the large organization always restrained the creativity of the individual, leading to the stagnation and lack of flexibility for the whole organization. Chris Elkin, Founder & CEO – Doodle Brands will help you explore your creative thinking.

14:00 – 15:00
Retail Automation: When, How, & What? (Presented in English)

Whether it’s a physical store chain, an ecommerce website or a combination of both, automation has been contributing to the optimization of resources and giving customers a more “perfect” experience. Learn more about retail automation with a representative from Deloitte Consulting.

15:00 – 16:00
Retail Digital Innovation (Presented in Vietnamese)

The development of technology and digital is forcing retailers “to change or to die”. Mobile, cloud, virtual reality, payment system … are attracting and retaining customers every day, learn more with Hoang Linh, Le – Business Development Director, Samsung Vietnam.

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