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12 Tháng Chín, 2019



Innovative technology – waiting for you to experience

LUXMAGE is a professional provider of commercial display solutions.
Always focus on the application of transparent screen technology, dedicated to promote the development of new retail media. Products are widely used in: large supermarkets, glass windows, 4S shops, showrooms, galleries, stage, events, commercial centers, advertising on glass walls, …
In 2018, LUXMAGE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NEXNOVO. We will leverage the world’s leading transparent LED display technology to develop leading advertising products, value creation and new business spaces for our partners.

Special collection of transparent led products from LUXMAGE!

Automatic transparent doors – NOVO ADDOOR series

Luxmage – NOVO ADDOOR is designed for creative retail stores, high-end stores, shopping malls and businesses. The creation of the NOVO ADDOOR line is not only a perfect replacement for traditional automatic doors, but also a great communication technology.

Automatic led transparent doors are the application of new technology, new ideas combining product reality and animation effects

Main features of Luxmage- NOVO ADDOOR

  1. Attract ads: video ads, help identify brand content, save costs, attract attention.
  2. High brightness: High brightness up to 5000-5500 nits, meeting the needs of customers even under direct sunlight.
  3. High transparency: More than 72% transparency, meeting the needs of natural light of customers.
  4. Convenient installation: light weight, fast installation, no width limit, meet all automatic door installation requirements

Screen rotation – NOVO AD360 °

Luxmage- NOVO AD360 ° is designed for creative retail centers, high-end stores, shopping malls and galleries. The creation of NOVO AD360 ° monitors is the perfect replacement for traditional advertising screens and effective communication support.

The intelligent NOVO AD360 ° series has a 360-degree rotation capability – for greater visibility

Main features Luxmage- NOVO AD360 °

  1. Attract advertising: video advertising, brand identity, cost savings, attention grabbing;
  2. Ultra-high brightness: Ultra-high brightness of up to 5000-5500 nits, meeting the needs of customers even under direct sunlight.
  3. Convenient installation: quick installation, easy to move, meet the installation needs in any situation;

Smart electronic poster – XT series

As expected of the smart poster line when the transparent led screen XT has the ability to display a variety of images, videos, information for communication and promotion effectively. Not only that, changing the displayed content is quite easy. Used for many purposes, but mainly to replace the traditional poster format.

The effect is evident when putting the XT series into practice instead of using the regular poster. The advantages of this product include: good visibility on the glass wall, high transparency, high brightness, good aesthetic effect, … The product is well applied at: retail stores, chains convenience store, glass window, …

Ergonomic, transparent screen – NR series

The NR line of transparent screens has been developed for flexible advertising needs between locations. The flexibility in removable and light weight makes this product range often used in the field of leasing. Not only that, the application in glass wall advertising is not impossible. Designed according to the module, so depending on the different size of the jack and installed into a screen with the appropriate size.

Although installed on a glass wall, the false resolution and transparency of the product are still guaranteed. This installation does not affect the transparency of the glass nor the product vision. The advertising effect is enhanced thanks to the perfect visibility of transparent leds.

Contributing to the exhibition VIETRF 2019 – LUXMAGE brings many new applications of transparent leds. Using new innovative technology, bringing real experience to customers!


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