10 October, 2022

茶專茶飲 (TEAPRO)

Company Introduction:

Founded in 1997 in Luzhu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

In 1998, it opened for the first time, and introduced the first brand ice machine in the new import market.

In 1999, the monthly turnover exceeded 500,000, and the daily sales exceeded the record of 2,000 cups

In 2000 won the Taiwan Golden Sign Award

In 2001, it won the National Consumer Satisfaction Gold Medal Award and established a logistics distribution center

In 2002, it became the No. 1 tea brand in Kaohsiung

Full use of National Champion Tea in 2003→ Mountain Oolong Tea

In 2004, the total warehouse was established, and the franchised stores exceeded 50

In 2005, the general management office was established, and the logistics system was set up

In 2006, the general number of stores exceeded 100, and the second generation of physical stores was launched

In 2007, the first national tea chain franchised tea shop passed ISO9001 international certification

Received the Taiwan Entrepreneurship Award in 2008

The Macau store opened in January 2008, and the Guangzhou store opened in June, entering overseas markets

2009 Favorite Tea Shop Online Voting Champion, the first franchise shop opened in Hong Kong

Guangzhou branch office was established in 2010

In 2011, the brand was upgraded to establish T + restaurant

In 2013, it will enter the department store and launch the third-generation complex to create a new type of store

In 2014, it passed the only official certification for service quality in China “GSP Service Excellent Store”

In 2015, the brand will enter Southeast Asia and launch a new business model

In 2020, President Tsai came in person to buy winter melon and lemon in the tea market, which was called “patriotic beverage shop” by netizens

In 2020, the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a hand-drinking festival and won the “Excellent Manufacturer”







高雄市路竹區中正路92-1 (92-1 Zhongzheng Road, Luzhu District, Kaohsiung City)


劉進發 (Liu Jin Fa) – 0915622723




Ms. Tran Anh Thu (Janny):+84 (0)936 120 196 (Mobile, Zalo) / +44 (0)7511 782 926 (WhatsApp, WeChat)

  • trananhthu@coex.vn



Mr. Leo Song (송준우) : +82-2-6000-8127

  • junussong@coex.co.kr




Ms. Camille Chen: +886-2-2749-34681 | +86-13910485231

  • twcchen@gmail.com

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