🟣 Introduction: As One Of The Leading App Development Companies HK, We Offer Enterprise Clients A Full Service Mobile Solution, From Custom App Development To Ongoing Maintenance. Our rigorous engineering standards allow us to turn complex software problems into elegant and scalable solutions. Our meticulous designs increase engagement and delight users while our diligent product […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: GapMaps Live is a cloud-based, easy-to-use location intelligence platform for brands to validate and make important location decisions with increased confidence and reduced risk. GapMaps Live allows you to visualise your own data integrated with the best location intelligence datasets available so your team can make faster, smarter and […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: The Alternative Board (TAB) Franchise – The World’s Leading Peer Advisory Boards and Business Coaching Franchise Network! The Alternative Board is a franchise system that provides a unique and effective approach to business coaching. The Alternative Board (TAB) Franchise model is built around peer advisory boards, where business owners […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: Sanondaf is Europe’s first disinfection & decontamination franchise, offering professionalism and environmentally safe service destroying 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, funghi, moulds and yeast, in fact any microorganism susceptible to our hospital grade disinfectants. Our solutions are purposefully designed to be faster, more effective and significantly more efficient than […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: The name “KOHAKU” means amber and like an amber gem shining mysteriously with plant inclusions, fresh ingredients are dipped in a golden batter and fried to an amber perfection to satisfy our customers’ palates. Living up to its name, the KOHAKU TENDON is a hearty bowl topped with delicious […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: You’ll have a new experience like never before. Tokyo Mazesoba needs a mix of original noodles with lots of toppings before eating. You may have an image like aburasoba or soupless ramen, but it’s not correct because Tokyo Mazesoba is a new genre of food. Also, it’s different from […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: Yakiniku Futago is a Japanese-style barbecue restaurant that specializes in high-quality, grilled meats and fresh vegetables that are perfect for sharing. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience that allows guests to cook their own food at the table using a built-in grill. The menu at Yakiniku Futago features […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: Our family has a over 30 years of orchard farming honey mangoes, jackfruit and longan in Chiang Rai province of Northern Thailand. Thai Honey Mangoes (Nam Dok Mai) are known worldwide and considered one of the best mangoes in the world for its rich and sweet taste. This led […]

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Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: Mango Chili Thai Cafe is a fun, vibrant social dining space where groups of friends and families can come together and enjoy simple, easy yet original Thai street food. As a part of Mango Tree and COCA worldwide, Mango Chili Thai Cafe offers easy and simple Thai food from […]

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The Vietnam Int’l RetailTech & Franchise Show – VIETRF 2022 with the scale of more than 150 booths and more than 200 multi-sector brands from different countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, Japan, etc. Hurry up and register for the free admission today ►Visitor: https://forms.gle/wToVNoA5KEt2nEsT8 ► Tranding: https://forms.gle/kko9wPcS5GScvyWz9 3-5/11/2022 (10:00 – 17:00) […]

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THE 13TH VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL RETAILTECH & FRANCHISE SHOW The strong return of the franchising industry after COVID offers many new opportunities for investors. This year, Vietnam Int’l Retailtech & Franchise Show (VIETRF) will take place from November 3rd – 5th at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phu Ward, […]

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2021 the year of Franchise Businesses

As per LocalBuyX prediction, 2021 will be the best year of franchise growth in at least a decade, due to several factors, including: – Relatively higher unemployment rates, with both lower-cost workers and seasoned career professionals who are seeking opportunities in business and non business areas. – Favorable market conditions that provide ready access to […]

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With the advent and maturation of the internet, such things as brick-and-mortar retail operations seem to be fading in popularity as people order products and even groceries online. Books are delivered via the mail or downloaded to a tablet, and with the pandemic, eateries are shutting down in droves. Such things as digital consumption of […]

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Announcement: VIETRF 2020 IS BACK

Dear Buyers and Visitors As the Covid’s epidemic is stable in Vietnam, we are delighted to inform that exhibitions are back on track. Economy is delayed by covid, we believe that this return of the shows will attract everyone who waits to participate in trade promotions to recover and promote our business after disease. Time: 17th […]

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79% of Vietnamese consumers prefer non-cash payments

Visa surveys conducted in Vietnam show that 79% of consumers prefer to pay with cards and mobile apps instead of cash. In the context COVID-19, consumers and businesses in the Asia-Pacific moving to paid digital, Visa has promoted the payment solution is not exposed by phone is available in Vietnam to support small and medium enterprises to participate in […]

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Grocery immersed in digital technology

The emergence of modern retail outlets does not seem to affect the traditional grocery stores too much. Grocery still dominates According to Nielsen data, Vietnam has about 1.4 million grocery stores and 9,000 traditional markets, accounting for 75% market share, with turnover of around $ 10 billion per year. According to Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam, traditional […]

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Vietnam Report: Post-COVID-19 Vietnam Retail

The number of mini-supermarkets increased sharply in the first 6 months of 2020, especially in the second and third sectors. The potential for convenience store expansion in Vietnam remains huge, as modern retail channels account for about 25. % of retail sales, convenience stores less than 10% of the market, according to Vietnam Report. “Retail […]

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Coronavirus: The pandemic will trigger new economic trends

Some changes in economic thinking and behaviour may be here to stay. The Covid-19 pandemic will be the defining issue of 2020. What changes in economic thinking and behaviour will it trigger? Here are eight possibilities. A pivot to multilateralism International institutions such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the […]

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Vietnam International Retail tech and Franchise show – VIETRF 2022 has attracted more than 360 different brands and 250 booths of franchise and retail technology from many different countries such as: Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, USA, Taiwan,… The exhibition focuses on display activities, product introduction, biz-matching, seminars on franchising and startups. Retail technology businesses at VIETRF […]

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Vietnam international retailtech and franchise show – VIETRF 2020 attracts the participation of 180 franchising models, 100 equipment and technology stores from countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,… At the same time, focusing on display, introducing products, trade shows, thematic workshops, retail seminars and franchising. Regarding store technology, VIETRF 2020 introduces […]

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VIETRF 2018 Result

The Vietnam International Retail-tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2018 has attracted the participation of 150 brand franchising models, 50 retail-tech brands from 14 countries like Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Canada, India, Philippines, USA … Especially with the support of COEX Organizer, more than 10 years of experience in organizing exhibitions in Vietnam, […]

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Show report – VIETRF 2017

Activities during Exhibition:

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VIETRF 2020 results
More information
160 Brands

117 Booths

14 Countries

12,859 Visitors


Mr. Thai Nguyen

Vua Bánh Mì

Our company wants to promote our brand and bring the business opportunity of traditional Vietnamese products to franchise partners in 2021, so we joined VIETRF 2020. For the past few days, the show has brought good results. We met many partners and they showed serious interests. We will discuss more carefully after the exhibition. Our company will participate in exhibitions like this to connect more partners and customers.

Ms. Nguyen Phi Van

Retail & Franchise Asia

2020 was a very difficult year for business but this was special year for the franchise industry. The reasons are, there were many individual investors who want to invest and operate their own businesses in the past, without the support from larger systems, companies or resources. It can be said that VIETRF was one and only exhibition that was to be held as most of exhibitions were canceled because of Covid-19 e during the COVID-19. We are very fortunate to participate in this event as we were able to attract the attention of commercial investors, franchisors. So, I am very happy to see today's event being very crowded. I recommend visitors, exhibitor, and of course investors to participate and to seek investment opportunities in 2021.

Mr. Ngo Anh Tuoi


I believe that this event is a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses and young people to have the opportunity to interact and develop the retail industry in Vietnam.Through 3-day event here, Samsung brand receives a lot of positive feedback from customers, and we will consider to attend this event in the coming years.

Mr. Pham Thanh Nhan

Viva Star Coffee

More than ever, I think the franchise market in Vietnam is very exciting, and coming to this year's fair is also the second year that Vivastar Coffee has participated. With the effectiveness of the first year, Viva continues to accompany the exhibition this year. With the effectiveness achieved and the abundant number of customers like this, Viva will also be in the third year with VIETRF.

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen


VIETRF is an opportunity and a place for businesses, franchisors. Especially for those franchisors who run Vietnamese brands, meeting investors and entrepreneurs to develop the franchising model is still key to success in the world of franchise , and is blooming Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nha


GS is very respectful and very welcoming with the network business, through this exhibition of franchise fair organized by VIETRF. It is a very good opportunity not only for GS25 and also for other brands from around the world.

Mr. Alex Mo


Franchising is one of the ways to expand the businesses in Vietnam market, because Vietnam is very opened market. But i think as a new brand, looking for a new partner, a very powerful fund partner to franchise a brand in Vietnam market, i think it's a good choice for us.

Mr. Truong Sang


There are a lot of clients visiting the exhibition, and we are also in contact with some potential franchisees coming to our booth to know more about our service or to get consultation. I think next year we will be ready to take part in this exhibition again, because I find it really fits to our company's franchise model.

Mr. Rinaldi Hartono


I think coffee in Vietnam is really getting growth. Whenever I go to the city, everywhere is a coffee shop. I think its a new trend, its a good trend in both Vietnam and Indonesia. Yes, this is our first time to come here. Most likely next year we will come again.

Mr. Bryan Loo

CEO & Founder | TEALIVE

“I like this platform because it gives us great brand exposer for Tealive in Vietnam. I think after the show a lot of people enquiring for Tealive franchise everywhere in Vietnam Not even in Vietnam, in the region as well, because delegates coming from many different parts of the world. I will definitely come back for the next year.”

Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong

Head of Marketing | IPOS.VN

“For me, VIETRF 2018 is more than I expected, from the professionalism of the Organizer, partners, and participants, a lot of customers come to our booth. We received relatively many levels of interest of customers with real needs. We received a lot of emails directly related to the product on the first day from customers and mentioned that they knew from this year's fair..”

Ms. Vo N. Bach Yen Thu

Event Manager | Haravan

"During the 3-day exhibition, many exhibitors provided products from many different countries, especially e-commerce solutions from leading technology companies, Haravan had connected with the right target customers, businesses that Haravan aims."

Mr. Chi Yuan Chang

T4 Milk Tea

"I think it's quite good, more and more people are coming. I think I will join in next year."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu


"This is the 3rd year TOT participated in VIETRF, I am very impressed with the professionalism of the Organizer. This year the show has a lot of participants, and I have a lot of good opportunities from this year. TOT has always focused on retail, but thanks to participating in this year's event, it also has access to many new customers, especially in the field of milk tea and franchising or coffee from this year's show. So I am very satisfied."

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