4 March, 2024


Show result: Vietnam International Retail Tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2023
Vietnam witnessed a groundbreaking convergence of retail innovation and franchise opportunities at the Vietnam International Retail Tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2023. Hosted by Coex, a seasoned veteran with over 14 years of exhibition expertise in Vietnam, this event was a resounding success.

Diverse Global Presence:
VIETRF 2023 welcomed more than 250 brands representing a diverse spectrum of industries from across 15 countries. From cutting-edge retail technology to established franchise giants, the exhibition floor buzzed with energy as attendees explored a myriad of offerings, such as: SAMSUNG, Global Eduhub, Chuck E Cheese, A Dong, Planet Hollywood, Dunkin’, Abby’s…

Franchise Opportunities:
Entrepreneurs and investors flocked to VIETRF 2023 in search of lucrative franchise opportunities. With a wide array of brands and concepts on display, ranging from established names to emerging trends, attendees had the chance to explore potential partnerships and investment prospects: Media Step, Circle K, Com Nieu Thien Ly, Hooters, Little Caesar Pizza, Jagger, Coca, Texas Roadhouse…

Networking and Collaboration:
Beyond the exhibition floor, VIETRF 2023 facilitated invaluable networking opportunities. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders converged to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and pave the way for future collaborations in Vietnam’s dynamic retail and franchise landscape.

In conclusion, VIETRF 2023 was a testament to Vietnam’s burgeoning role in the global retail and franchise arena. With Coex’s expert organization and a diverse array of international brands, the event exemplified innovation, opportunity, and collaboration.

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