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What should the exhibitor prepare for the show?

The exhibitors should bring attracted exhibits, interior decoration of the booth and follow the brand / product concept, Brochure of product and service introduction in English and Vietnamese, business cards, Registration forms for buyers, and other necessary tools that are not equipped with booths (LCD, audio …)

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When will the exhibitor's name badge be issued?

Name badge for the exhibitor will be issued at 13:00 the day before the show. Exhibitors need to send a list of their employees, who need access to the exhibition, to the Organizer 7 days in advance. A representative of the Exhibitor came to the Organizer Counter to get name badges.

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What is the difference between Standard booth and Space only booth?

Standard booth was built by the Organizer with basic design. Standard booth includes 2 fluorescent lights, 1 company name board, 1 information desk, 2 chairs, 1 electrical socket, floor carpet, 1 trash-ca. If there is any damage on the partition wall or structure of the booth after the show (such as breakage, loss, etc.), the Exhibitor will have to pay for repairs or new purchases. Exhibitors will be provided with the VIETRF show manual, which will be detailed in this Guide.

Space Only booth is only provided empty space for Exhibitors to design and organize their construction according to their wishes.

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How to transport goods out of the exhibition area?

To prevent any loss or theft at the show, Exhibitors must fill in the inventory form of goods and materials at the booth. Exhibitors may not bring goods and materials outside the exhibition area without the approval of the Organizer. The inventory form is available in the Exhibition manual, or you can get this inventory form at the Information Counter at SECC or contact the organizers to get it.

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Làm thế nào để tránh mất cắp tài sản khi tham gia triển lãm?

Dịch vụ bảo vệ sẽ được cung cấp tại tất cả các khung giờ triển lãm. Chúng tôi khuyên rằng có ít nhất 1 nhân viên của Đơn vị Triển lãm được bố trí tại gian hàng vào mọi thời điểm. Hãy chú ý đặc biệt tới các vật có giá trị như máy tính xách tay và máy ảnh và hàng hóa triển lãm có giá trị cao. Ban tổ chức không chịu bất kỳ trách nhiệm nào về mất mát hoặc trộm cắp bên trong gian hàng.

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Can exhibitors change the structure of the Standard Booth?

Exhibitors may upgrade to the Standard Booth but must receive approval from the Organizer . Adding or removing partitions on the booth will change the structure of the store. Please note that basic stall changes may incur additional charges.

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When will the organizers start supplying electricity to the exhibition hall?

Power supply will start at 16h on the last day of construction. Due to safety regulations, we were unable to supply electricity until the booths finished construction, so the Organizer recommends that the Exhibitors building the booth on the Empty Land Pavilion should finish it. Construct as soon as possible to avoid delay in supplying electricity to the entire exhibition area.
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Can exhibitors put their company logo on the facial board?

Exhibitors wishing to place the company’s logo on the booth’s facial board must submit a request to the Organizer to check whether it is feasible to print the logo on the sign. The prescribed content is printed on a signboard depending on the construction standards of the construction unit. If the logo is not included in the specified content shown on the sign, the Exhibitor noted that this requirement may incur additional fees for the Contractor.

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