3 October, 2019



Nolboo Budaejjiage (Army Stew Specialty) is a representative, popular Korean brand. 1 dish of our stew has been sold every second for the last 32 years of our company history.
Our brand is highly competitive in the market as the Number 1 popular Korean brand in Korea, operated in diverse shopping malls, restaurant districts and urban places.
Quick and easy operation of our stew is one of the key strengths of our brand. Thanks to its efficiency, beginners can also easily manage the store in overseas countries.

Nolboo began from a 17㎡ restaurant called ‘Nolboo Bossam (Steamed Pork)’ which was founded in 1987 at the entrance of an alley in Sillim district. It was a small restaurant run by an ordinary family.
At present, Nolboo has become a representative Korean food franchise company specializing in Bossam (boiled pork with salty sauce and wrapped in greens), Galbi (Korean BBQ), Budaejjigae (spicy mixed meat and vegetable stew), Fried Chicken, Korean snack menus and so on.
Based on our 32 years of history and know-how, Nolboo will continue to develop new brands and expand our business globally. We aim to grow as Asia’s No. 1 franchise restaruant brand.

Nolboo’s key success factor-Shop in Shop
Shop in shop is a system in which 2 or more brands are operated in one store which will lead to additional sales and high profit
1) Around 15~30% sales increase: NO additional manpower is needed, yet consistent, increasing sales at different time periods
2) Additional increase in sales has contributed to 40~120% profit increase
More than 260 stores-opened within 1.2 years (Since its launch in 2018 May)

Website: http://www.nolboo.co.kr/eng/main.asp



Ms. Tran Anh Thu (Janny):+84 (0)936 120 196 (Mobile, Zalo) / +44 (0)7511 782 926 (WhatsApp, WeChat)

  • trananhthu@coex.vn



Mr. Leo Song (송준우) : +82-2-6000-8127

  • junussong@coex.co.kr




Ms. Camille Chen: +886-2-2749-34681 | +86-13910485231

  • twcchen@gmail.com

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