Phuc Tea Franchise Joint Stock Company

🟣 Introduction: Phuc Tea takes pride in being a brand created by the young for the young. Launched on March 31, 2017, with over 140+ stores nationwide after nearly 7 years, PhucTea has established itself as a reputable brand in the Vietnamese market. Phuc Tea s actively seeking strategic franchise partners to achieve its ambitious […]

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🟣 Introduction: Smart Reader Kids®, a leading 21st-century child enrichment center, was first established in 1988 by Dato’ Sri Dr. Richard Ong and Honorary Professor Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. K H Wang. It is recognized as Malaysia’s Largest Chain of Child Enrichment Centres by the Malaysia Book of Records. The franchise fraternity now boasts 450 […]

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🟣 Introduction: Established in 1951 in Texas, United States. Up to 2023, more than 2,380 Circle K licensed stores in 16 countries around the world, such as: New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of South Africa,… In Vietnam, Circle K is proud to be the first international Convenience Store chain from 2008. Circle K Vietnam with […]

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🟣 Introduction: Everywash is a fast & clean laundry service   🟣 Products/Services: Laundry Service   🟣Company information: Address: 1/368 wittayu road lumpini lumpini bangkok Website:

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🟣 Introduction: SOSO STATION is a company established on November 31, 2020 and is currently a start-up operating mainly in two FnB fields with the retail coffee business and the development of franchise business models in the market. Vietnam and the region in the future. The goal of realizing this dream is to appear for […]

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Sangkaya (M) Sdn. Bhd.

🟣 Introduction: Sangkaya, A Malaysian company, has been in business for over eight years. We are pleased to offer our coconut-based, all-natural, Malaysian-formulated ice cream.   🟣 Products/Services: Sangkaya is a Malaysian based coconut creamery which churns a unique dessert experience. Our ice cream uses coconut milk as the foundation. We are renown for our […]

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🟣 Introduction: TSUNG WEI Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, we want to bring Taiwan’s culinary flavors closer to Vietnam, in the immediate future the company will bring Ever Sweet’s 85 degrees Celsius brand into the market. entered Vietnam with the hope of bringing the European tea and soft bread trend to […]

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🟣 Introduction: HanaGold, a jewelry joint-stock company, was established in 2020. It’s an innovative startup enterprise that leverages the opportunities presented by the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in the field of jewelry. As a pioneering entity in applying the digital transformation, HanaGold has achieved success by introducing a hassle-free gold purchasing experience, starting from as low […]

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MEIKO – Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd

🟣 Introduction: MEIKO is a 16 years health, wellness and beauty retail business in Malaysia. We specialize in joint and muscle pain solution, detox and beauty products. If you have knee and muscle pain, and interested in wellness business, do visit us at VIETRF, SECC for free body check up and product trial. Cảm ơn […]

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AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT ONLY AT VIETRF 2023 WITH THE PRESENCE OF MORE THAN 250 BRANDS With over 250 brands participating, VIETRF 2023 has created a unique platform for networking and learning. This is not just an event; it’s an important journey for businesses. This event marks the presence of renowned brands, names we’ve been familiar […]

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After several months of effort, Vietnam Franchising & Licensing Network – VFLN has finally been recognized and established under HUBA – HCMC Business Association. The mission of VFLN is to promote and develop the franchising and licensing industry in Vietnam, connect with domestic and foreign members, as well as international organizations and associations. The members […]

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VIETRF 2023: THE 14TH VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL RETAILTECH AND FRANCHISE SHOW The franchise industry in Vietnam is thriving more than ever, with a diverse array of sectors involved. The year 2023 is regarded as a pivotal moment for Vietnam’s franchising sector, as an increasing number of individuals are embarking on entrepreneurial ventures by either acquiring franchise […]

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Chương trình Workshop 2023 – Nhượng quyền – Ứng biến & phát triển trong khủng hoảng

VIETRF Conference 2023 Nhượng quyền 2023 – Ứng biến & phát triển trong khủng hoảng Franchising 2023 – Improvision & growth despite economic downturn  

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Emerging Trends in Retail Franchising and the Role of Location Intelligence in Business Expansion

The retail market in Vietnam has experienced significant participation from both domestic and international brands in recent years. However, recent developments indicate that retailers are changing their strategies. Instead of directly investing in their retail stores, retailers are increasingly transitioning to franchise business models. The impact of franchising on the overall development of the retail […]

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The Vietnam Int’l RetailTech & Franchise Show – VIETRF 2022 with the scale of more than 150 booths and more than 200 multi-sector brands from different countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, Japan, etc. Hurry up and register for the free admission today ►Visitor: ► Tranding: 3-5/11/2022 (10:00 – 17:00) […]

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THE 13TH VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL RETAILTECH & FRANCHISE SHOW The strong return of the franchising industry after COVID offers many new opportunities for investors. This year, Vietnam Int’l Retailtech & Franchise Show (VIETRF) will take place from November 3rd – 5th at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phu Ward, […]

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2021 the year of Franchise Businesses

As per LocalBuyX prediction, 2021 will be the best year of franchise growth in at least a decade, due to several factors, including: – Relatively higher unemployment rates, with both lower-cost workers and seasoned career professionals who are seeking opportunities in business and non business areas. – Favorable market conditions that provide ready access to […]

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With the advent and maturation of the internet, such things as brick-and-mortar retail operations seem to be fading in popularity as people order products and even groceries online. Books are delivered via the mail or downloaded to a tablet, and with the pandemic, eateries are shutting down in droves. Such things as digital consumption of […]

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Show result: Vietnam International Retail Tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2023 Vietnam witnessed a groundbreaking convergence of retail innovation and franchise opportunities at the Vietnam International Retail Tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2023. Hosted by Coex, a seasoned veteran with over 14 years of exhibition expertise in Vietnam, this event was a resounding […]

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Vietnam International Retail tech and Franchise show – VIETRF 2022 has attracted more than 360 different brands and 250 booths of franchise and retail technology from many different countries such as: Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, USA, Taiwan,… The exhibition focuses on display activities, product introduction, biz-matching, seminars on franchising and startups. Retail technology businesses at VIETRF […]

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Vietnam international retailtech and franchise show – VIETRF 2020 attracts the participation of 180 franchising models, 100 equipment and technology stores from countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,… At the same time, focusing on display, introducing products, trade shows, thematic workshops, retail seminars and franchising. Regarding store technology, VIETRF 2020 introduces […]

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VIETRF 2018 Result

The Vietnam International Retail-tech and Franchise Show – VIETRF 2018 has attracted the participation of 150 brand franchising models, 50 retail-tech brands from 14 countries like Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Canada, India, Philippines, USA … Especially with the support of COEX Organizer, more than 10 years of experience in organizing exhibitions in Vietnam, […]

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Show report – VIETRF 2017

Activities during Exhibition:

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VietRF 2023
Show Result
160 Brands

117 Booths

14 Countries

12,859 Visitors


Mr. Thai Nguyen

Vua Bánh Mì

Our company wants to promote our brand and bring the business opportunity of traditional Vietnamese products to franchise partners in 2021, so we joined VIETRF 2020. For the past few days, the show has brought good results. We met many partners and they showed serious interests. We will discuss more carefully after the exhibition. Our company will participate in exhibitions like this to connect more partners and customers.

Ms. Nguyen Phi Van

Retail & Franchise Asia

The year 2023 is a very vibrant year for franchising, with the speed of franchising development in Vietnam and around the world being very dynamic. Therefore, at VIETRF 2023, I could feel that spirit and mindset, not only from those who came here to exhibit but also from investors looking for opportunities to invest in the franchising sector starting from 2023 onwards, as this is a golden window for the franchising industry for many years to come. I am also very happy to see you coming to attend the conference, participating in franchising, learning about franchising, and interacting with exhibitors to explore franchising investment opportunities.

Mr. Ngo Anh Tuoi


I believe that this event is a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses and young people to have the opportunity to interact and develop the retail industry in Vietnam.Through 3-day event here, Samsung brand receives a lot of positive feedback from customers, and we will consider to attend this event in the coming years.

Mr. Pham Thanh Nhan

Viva Star Coffee

More than ever, I think the franchise market in Vietnam is very exciting, and coming to this year's fair is also the second year that Vivastar Coffee has participated. With the effectiveness of the first year, Viva continues to accompany the exhibition this year. With the effectiveness achieved and the abundant number of customers like this, Viva will also be in the third year with VIETRF.

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen


VIETRF is an opportunity and a place for businesses, franchisors. Especially for those franchisors who run Vietnamese brands, meeting investors and entrepreneurs to develop the franchising model is still key to success in the world of franchise , and is blooming Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nha


GS is very respectful and very welcoming with the network business, through this exhibition of franchise fair organized by VIETRF. It is a very good opportunity not only for GS25 and also for other brands from around the world.

Mr. Alex Mo


Franchising is one of the ways to expand the businesses in Vietnam market, because Vietnam is very opened market. But i think as a new brand, looking for a new partner, a very powerful fund partner to franchise a brand in Vietnam market, i think it's a good choice for us.

Mr. Truong Sang


There are a lot of clients visiting the exhibition, and we are also in contact with some potential franchisees coming to our booth to know more about our service or to get consultation. I think next year we will be ready to take part in this exhibition again, because I find it really fits to our company's franchise model.

Mr. Rinaldi Hartono


I think coffee in Vietnam is really getting growth. Whenever I go to the city, everywhere is a coffee shop. I think its a new trend, its a good trend in both Vietnam and Indonesia. Yes, this is our first time to come here. Most likely next year we will come again.

Mr. Bryan Loo

CEO & Founder | TEALIVE

“I like this platform because it gives us great brand exposer for Tealive in Vietnam. I think after the show a lot of people enquiring for Tealive franchise everywhere in Vietnam Not even in Vietnam, in the region as well, because delegates coming from many different parts of the world. I will definitely come back for the next year.”

Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong

Head of Marketing | IPOS.VN

“For me, VIETRF 2018 is more than I expected, from the professionalism of the Organizer, partners, and participants, a lot of customers come to our booth. We received relatively many levels of interest of customers with real needs. We received a lot of emails directly related to the product on the first day from customers and mentioned that they knew from this year's fair..”

Ms. Vo N. Bach Yen Thu

Event Manager | Haravan

"During the 3-day exhibition, many exhibitors provided products from many different countries, especially e-commerce solutions from leading technology companies, Haravan had connected with the right target customers, businesses that Haravan aims."

Mr. Chi Yuan Chang

T4 Milk Tea

"I think it's quite good, more and more people are coming. I think I will join in next year."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu


"This is the 3rd year TOT participated in VIETRF, I am very impressed with the professionalism of the Organizer. This year the show has a lot of participants, and I have a lot of good opportunities from this year. TOT has always focused on retail, but thanks to participating in this year's event, it also has access to many new customers, especially in the field of milk tea and franchising or coffee from this year's show. So I am very satisfied."

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