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Venue SECC
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Food & Beverage: Restaurant, cafe, bar…

Beauty & Heath: Hair, make-up salon, spa, heath food store…

Fashion: Clothing, shoes, accessories store…

Retail & Wholesale: Convenience store, discount store, road shop…

Consulting Service: Consulting services for real estate, finance…

Education & Training: Children education, higher education school/center, professional training center…

Other Spcialized Retail: Auto, Motobike repair shops, dry cleaner service…



Retail Products: Food & Drink products; Beauty & Heath products; Fashion & Accessories; Home products; Gift & Toy.

Retail Store Fixture & Interior: Display racks, showcase, cooling and heating cabinets, carts, packing machine, mannequins, wallpaper, light, signage…

Retail Technology: POS, cash management system, barcode system, RFID system, security system.

Professional Retail Service: Consulting service for store management and operations, real estate, finance.

Retail Trade Item: Distribution items from distribution channels in Vietnam and Indo-China.

  • Department stores, Shopping centers and large retail distributors
  • Preliminary founders, store owners, investors and occupants
  • Multinational retail and franchise businesses
  • Franchisees in Vietnam and neighboring countries
  • Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
  • Master Franchisors / Licensees
  • Corporate Management / Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Government Officials
  • Franchise / Business Consultants
  • Educationists / Trainers
  • Retail Experts
  • Medias
  • Other Related Service Providers

“VIETRF” stands for “Vietnam Retail & Franchise” — but each letter can also stand for a reason why our show will be great for your business: Valuable, Informative, Effective, Trend-Catcher, Reliable, Fast-Track

Valuable :

In 2015, there were 36,517 leading distributors and franchise buyers from 14 countries participated in VIETRF. This year’s show will be filled with even more opportunities to meet valuable contacts who have decision making authority.

Informative :

In-show seminars by World Franchise Association, Vietnam Franchises, Association of Vietnames Retailers, Supply Chain Association and franchise consultants gave attendees bang for their buck by making VIETRF both a professional and educational experience. Seminars will focus on new business case studies from 2016 and professional advice on entering the Vietnamese market. Learn more about seminars

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VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL RETAIL AND FRANCHISE SHOW 2016 REFLECTING VIETNAM MARKET: OPPORTUNITIES – POTENTIAL – DIFFICULTIES The Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) will play host to Veitnam’s largest and only retail and franchise exhibition, the Vietnam International Retail and Franchise Show (VIETRF). From June 8th -10th 2016, VIETRF will see participation from some of the …

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Event and Seminar

VIETRF’s seminars offer you an easy way into Vietnam’s vibrant consumer market The seminar programs allow companies to meet with experts from law, finance, real-estate, retail, and other professional areas to receive detailed advice about expanding their businesses in Vietnam.Chương trình Hội thảo tại VIETRF 2015 là cơ hội thu thập thông tin bổ ích để xâm nhập vào thị trường Việt Nam đầy sôi động Chương trình hội thảo cho phép các công ty gặp gỡ với các chuyên gia pháp luật, tài chính, bất động sản, bán lẻ, và các lĩnh vực khác và nhận thông tin hữu ích về thị trường nhượng quyền thương hiệu và bán lẻ tại Việt Nam cùng với những thông tin chung về thị trường kinh tế tại Việt Nam.
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Source: ww.eyelevel.vn

Established since 1976, Daekyo have more than 30 years in providing educational service. Starting with a unique idea, Daekyo created The Eye Level models with philosophy focuses on self-directed learning methods, which bring out and develop personal ability. This model met the rigorous demand of both students and schools. Daekyo with The Eye Level grows …

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Review VIETRF2015

  • 260 Companies with 317 Booths from 14 Countries
  • 37,600 Trade Buyers from 24 Countries
  • 5,200 B2B Meetings
  • $120,000,000 Value of On-site discussed Contracts
  • $32,000,000 Value of Contracts expected to be signed within 1 year



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