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30 September, 2019


Brisket offers authentic, mouth-watering Texan BBQ combined with a stylish, urban dining experience. Caters to a high-volume of guests, requires minimal kitchen space and offers above industry-standard margins. Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2015 and quickly became one of the city’s most popular dining destinations. It’s owned by the […]

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3 October, 2019


Bonchon offers a selection of signature-crunchy double fried chicken, hand glazed with our unique proprietary sauces, manufactured in and imported from Bonchon’s Global Kitchen in Busan. We also offer a delectable variety of Korean fusion menu offerings using premium ingredients. Bonchon, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains around the world. From humble beginnings in […]

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3 October, 2019

Bestcare Elderly Welfare Corporation

Bestcare Elderly Welfare Co. was established in 1991, due to the modern environmental and medical advanced, human life has entered the peak of the history. How to use modern technology to bring the elders’ convenience and helping is getting easier and quicker. Since 2010, we started the first elders equipments in the major department stores […]

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4 October, 2019


BEST Inc Group (NYSE: BEST) is a smart supply chain leading supplier and a fast-growing company worldwide. Our multisided platform combines technology, integrated logistics and supply chain services, last-mile services and value-added services. BEST Inc combines the Internet, information technology and traditional logistics services, adheres to the company concept of “Invest in Technology and People”, […]

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15 October, 2019

Bawadi Foods

BAWADI FOODS is a company that produces Arabica Gayo coffee, Robusta Gayo coffee and chocolate powder. It was founded in 2013 in Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia, The Company’s main business is producing Gayo Arabica coffee beans which have been marketed in Indonesia and exported to many countries. Currently Bawadi foods has successfully marketed its […]

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16 October, 2019

Buca di Beppo

Every Buca di Beppo restaurant offers an eclectic setting designed to make every occasion a party! Our dishes are inspired by the cuisine enjoyed for generations in villages throughout Italy. Our dishes are served family-style to be shared by the entire table. UNIQUE BUSINESS PROPOSITION Kitschy, irreverent décor reminiscent of ‘50s Little Italy Unique “Family […]

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26 October, 2019

Better Monday

  Item Introduction: We use select ingredients to help you stay healthy with drinks. Company Introduction: It is a new type of beverage brand that is valued by adding special services and healthy ingredients to drinks Franchise Policy: If you want to experience Korean health drinks, ask us. Website: www.bettermonday.coffee   Item Introduction: We use […]

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26 October, 2019


Item Introduction: “BONGGUBEER” is the No. 1 franchise brand in South Korea’s ‘Small Beer’ industry that pioneered and leads the ‘Small Beers’ market, where beer and some eatables can be enjoyed at a low price in a comfortable space. Company Introduction: “BRAVEMEN Co” was created in November 2011 to brave the path that others did […]

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26 October, 2019


We were established in 2005 and are the biggest indoor environment company in Korea. We have developed unique technology and verified our business for 15 years. We developed and commercialized the world’s first technology for the prevention and healing of diseases that are environmental factors. [Atopy, Allergy, Leukemia, Pediatric Cancer] Website: www.ezco.co.kr

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26 October, 2019


At Wee jewels,we offer unique jewellery that everyone would want to own.Our products include jewellery made from casts of your hand and breast milk charms. This makes our personalized jewellery unique to you, a one and only wearable keepsake that is timeless and beautiful.Our jewellery is ideal as a fashionable and elegant gift to celebrate […]

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26 October, 2019

Bear Tea

  We are a store specializing in supplying milk tea from Taiwan, so the attitude and quality of our products is something that we always put on top to serve you.



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