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17 October, 2023


🟣 Introduction: Recapturing the authentic taste of Duan Chun Zhen’s homemade braised delicacies through selection to the blending of traditional ingredients and flavors from Sichuan. Since 1948, Duan Chun Zhen has been selling homemade Sichuan sauces and braised dishes for a living as a Chinese immigrant in Taiwan. After she passed away, the family opened […]

booth F10

11 October, 2023


🟣 Introduction: KPIS COMPANY LIMITED was established on April 24, 2017. KPIS is proud to be one of the leading units specializing in supplying and manufacturing high quality furniture. We are committed to bringing you many quality and unique products, especially focusing on professional customer service. Currently, our strengths focus on deeply exploiting furniture products […]

booth VF

21 September, 2023


Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: You’ll have a new experience like never before. Tokyo Mazesoba needs a mix of original noodles with lots of toppings before eating. You may have an image like aburasoba or soupless ramen, but it’s not correct because Tokyo Mazesoba is a new genre of food. Also, it’s different from […]

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31 October, 2022


Company Introduction: KPIS Providing space optimization solutions for the F&B industry is what we have been best at for the past 6 years and getting better and better. To do that, KPIS develops strongly with 3 main areas: Design, Construction and Furniture production. We create special organizational structure and closed process. From a team of […]

booth D1, D3

27 October, 2022


Company Introduction: Established in 2017, Hana Hana has 4 retail stores of blankets, pillows and Rug in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.   Products/ Service: Hana Hana specializes in wholesale and retail distribution of bedding imported from Korea ——————————————– Contact: 245/18 Bình Lợi, Phường 13, Bình Thạnh, Tp. HCM hanahanadeco.com Hoàng Thị Hà – […]

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14 October, 2022


Brand Introduction: The origin of Kushikatsu is said to be served at food bars in downtown Osaka, in the Shinsekai neighborhood. Kushikatsu restaurants specialize in the dish. An owner of a small Shinsekai food bar since 1929 is said to be the pioneer cook, and her menu was quite popular among the district of blue […]

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14 October, 2022


Brand Introduction: KOKORO was awarded the 2014 Best Ramen Award. Tokyo Masesoba captivates the most difficult diners. The first branch was opened in Tokyo, Japan in 2014 by Takuma Ishikawa. The first branch was opened in Tokyo, Japan in 2014 by Takuma Ishikawa. The location is in a residential neighborhood, where many ramen shops are […]

booth VF

14 October, 2022


Brand Introduction: KAGETORA is produced by Mr. Honda and is a franchise system that fully reproduces the quality while maintaining easy operations. A variety of menus such as soy sauce and chicken broth, rich tonkotsu with seafood flavor, and tsukemen. Mr. Honda is very famous as the Ramen King because his first restaurant was opened […]

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13 October, 2022


Company Introduction: KAS is the leading developer and provider of digital transformation solutions for the Retail, F&B và Hospitality. KAS key personnels have more than 20-year seniority in the field of software development, management solution consultation for enterprises. KAS has successfully deployed to many chains of restaurants, coffee, fastfood, hotel, bars, spas and retail system […]

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7 October, 2022


Company Introduction: Chin Yo Tea upholds the value of tea. The market is locked in the mid-to-high-end market, making drinks delicious and healthy. Whether it is product prices and franchise costs, it is easier to enter the mass market and develop rapidly. Our goal is to make the enterprise sustainable and develop together with us […]

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10 December, 2020


COMPANY INTRODUCTION: Kindermusik has been the world’s leading provider of music and movement program for young children from four months to age five. With over 40 years of experience, this curriculum has empowered young children through learning music and has been enjoyed by millions of children and families in more than 70 countries. Kindermusik believes […]

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26 October, 2019


Company Introduction: Established Korean Quick Hair cut salon providing professional haircuts in 10 minuites. Inspired by Korean fashion, beauty and entertainment, kcuts started in 2013 and currently have more than 55 outlets. Kcuts is the largest and fastest-growing quick-cut chain in Singapore trusted by customers of various ages and from different walks of life. Franchise […]


23 October, 2019


KOOTORO is a service provider of vending machine with a variety of machine types and payment methods on the machine. We welcome and support franchise partners to share profits and replicate the 4.0 retail model in Vietnam. Currently, KOOTORO is developing ToroG POS system – Hardware device which is capable of integrating various payment methods […]

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23 October, 2019


  It’s Korea’s premium chicken pub restaurant with healthy chicken and duck collaboration It is a company that is equipped with hygienic HACCP as a one-line system from breeding, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and franchise of raw meat, and differentiated with specialized seasoning and sauce of chicken. Please enjoy the specialty coke with Korean style grilled […]

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3 October, 2019


  Good food service enterprise struggling for Success of Franchisees. A spicy and deep flavored soup, Budaejjigae that you have never experienced before Blackbean noodles are more famous than KingKong Budaejjigae. Korea Budaejjigae specialized restaurant. All you can eat Noodles and Rice!

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17 September, 2019


Kenny Rogers ROASTERS is a casual dining restaurant with rotisserie-roasted chicken as its main core item complemented by a rich variety of hot and cold side dishes. Website: WWW.KENNYROGERSROASTERS.COM

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17 September, 2019


KAS is an intensive software development company for F&B and retail industry. KAS focuses on building and consulting the implementation of operating solutions for business models in the form of chains, multi-points, multi-products and sales forms.

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29 August, 2019


The secret to our popularity is the combination of a crispy, texture-rich batter surrounding a juicy flavorful 25-layered select pork cutlet. We select only the highest quality pork, which is sliced thin and stacked into 25 layers.



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