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28 September, 2023


🟣 Introduction: Novuz is a professional food supplier for B2B, in MT, CVS, TT and HoReCa channels. Novuz unique selling point is to focus on creating new values on offerings that help partners compete better.   🟣 Products/Services: Novuz provides a wide range of food categories, like: – Fresh/ Frozen products (Pork, Chicken, Egg, Fish, […]

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27 October, 2022

Network Lead Exchange

Brand Introduction: Network Lead Exchange is a flexible and exclusive business networking group that provides business owners and high-level professionals a unique platform to send and receive quality referrals to each other. Network Lead Exchange has over 70 chapters emerging in states throughout the country and globally with more businesses joining the network every day. […]

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21 October, 2022


Company Introduction: Established in 2002 as a corporation, N Choice Co., Ltd. keeps our sincere mind to care about health and life, choosing food from nature to make yam porridge and Sunsik   Products: healthy yam meal with 15 grains Contact: N-CHOICE CO., LTD. http://www.n-choice.net Phone no: 033-343-1002 nchoice4956@hanmail.net

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21 October, 2022

Norang Food Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction: Norang Tongdak is the new fast chicken cuisine proposition offering consumers the choice of fast, healthy and crispy Korean chicken based on the original recipe. We have more than 600 stores in Korea and are ready to expend our unique concept to a global customer.   Products: Norang original chicken Contact: Norang Food […]

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3 October, 2019


  Nolboo Budaejjiage (Army Stew Specialty) is a representative, popular Korean brand. 1 dish of our stew has been sold every second for the last 32 years of our company history. Our brand is highly competitive in the market as the Number 1 popular Korean brand in Korea, operated in diverse shopping malls, restaurant districts […]

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3 October, 2019


  “NIPONG NAEPONG” is a Korean noodle and pizza restaurant chain. Nipong Naepong’s unique menu features unique noodle dishes loved by countries all over the world. Nipong Naepong is operating 100 outlets. And we are doing business in the USA and Singapore as an overseas master franchise. JTABLE was founded in 2012. [MISSION] Great Food, […]



Ms. Tran Anh Thu (Janny):+84 (0)936 120 196 (Mobile, Zalo) / +44 (0)7511 782 926 (WhatsApp, WeChat)

  • trananhthu@coex.vn



Mr. Leo Song (송준우) : +82-2-6000-8127

  • junussong@coex.co.kr




Ms. Camille Chen: +886-2-2749-34681 | +86-13910485231

  • twcchen@gmail.com

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