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27 October, 2023


🟣 Introduction: Established in 1951 in Texas, United States. Up to 2023, more than 2,380 Circle K licensed stores in 16 countries around the world, such as: New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of South Africa,… In Vietnam, Circle K is proud to be the first international Convenience Store chain from 2008. Circle K Vietnam with […]

booth B4

19 October, 2023

CHUNGCHUN Dak-kkochi

🟣 Introduction: CHUNGCHUN Dak-kkochi has been South Korea’s leading Dak-kkochi specialty brand since 2014, encapsulating the know-how of Dak-kkochi manufacturing, distribution, and sales. With 10 years of expertise, it has established itself as a highly reliable and stable brand, owning four directly operated stores.   🟣 Products/Services: CHUNGCHUN Dak-kkochi Spicy mayo Dak-kkochi Double cheese Dak-kkochi […]

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9 October, 2023


🟣 Introduction: Scratch-made Salads, Grain Bowls, and Smoothies CRISP & GREEN® was founded on the belief that nourishing your healthy lifestyle goes beyond the kitchen. It starts with chef-crafted, scratch-made food delivered in a convenient and hospitable manner, and continues with our commitment to create healthier and stronger communities through our complimentary wellness events. CRISP […]

booth WFA

6 October, 2023


🟣 Introduction: A home-grown Southern fried chicken specialty restaurant Chic-a-boo Fried Chicken® is a home-grown Southern fried chicken specialty restaurant with country-style atmosphere; focusing on very fresh and high quality fried chicken – Great Taste, Always!   🟣 Products/Services: Fried Chicken   🟣Company information: Address: Website: https://worldfranchisecentre.com/franchise/chic-a-boo-fried-chicken/  

booth WFA

5 October, 2023


🟣 Introduction: Celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, and Robert Earl are the two dynamic forces behind Chicken Guy!, a casual stop for one-of-a-kind, all-natural chicken tenders paired with a wide selection of over 20 sauces.   🟣 Products/Services: Fastfood restaurant   🟣Company information: Address: Website: https://worldfranchisecentre.com/franchise/chicken-guy/  

booth VF

21 September, 2023


Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: With over 62 years of experience in successful food service operations as a pioneer of hot pot, COCA’s commitment to quality, satisfaction and customer service, has attributed to its long-standing success. From a 20-seat restaurant, COCA’s food service business has now grown into a renowned international company. Being Thailand’s […]

booth VF

21 September, 2023


Address: Website:   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: Chuck E. Cheese is a family entertainment center that offers a unique and fun-filled experience for both children and adults. Founded in 1977, the brand has become a household name known for its iconic mouse character, interactive games, and delicious food offerings. Founded in 1977 and has since become […]

booth C37, C38

15 September, 2023


Address: 地址: 上海市安亭工业园区百安路228号 Address: No.228 Baian Road Anting Industrial Park, Jiading District, Shanghai, China Website: www.shcybz.com   ———————————– 🟣 Introduction: Chengyu Packaging Group was established in 2002, with its headquarters located in Anting Industrial Park, Shanghai. We are a production and service provider specializing in high-end container packaging for food and catering. The group has […]

booth B13

27 October, 2022

Champion Foods Pte Ltd (Chewy Junior)

Company Introduction: Sink your teeth into our Chewy Junior cream puffs and you’ll know it’s not any ordinary cream puff. We’re proud to bring you the world’s first ever chewy cream puff! These puffs were an accidental creation by founder, Kevin Ong, who had experimented with a blend of recipes. It took him two years […]

booth E1, E2

27 October, 2022


Company Introduction: MOM AND BABY CARE – OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL PARTNERS With more than 10 years of formation and development, Care With Love boasts of taking care of more than 150,000 customers and is a trusted brand in the hearts of the mother and baby community. This franchise seminar is the place to open business […]

booth C7, C8

24 October, 2022

Cuu Long International Cuisine Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction: Cuu Long International Cuisine Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 6 years. Teamo, the traditional milk tea brand of Cuu Long, was born more than 3 years after many challenges and hardships. From the difficult initial steps, experiencing fierce market competition, Teamo now has nearly 200 stores across the country that […]

booth VF

13 October, 2022


Brand Introduction: With over 62 years of experience in successful food service operations as a pioneer of hot pot, COCA’s commitment to quality, satisfaction and customer service, has attributed to its long- standing success Being Thailand’s most innovative and long- established culinary brands, Today’s Coca Restaurant menu is greatly expanded from the original concept, covering […]

booth 8

10 October, 2022


Company Introduction: Bubblez  Drinks provide products with Taiwan tea. All products are freshly prepared every day and served in mechanically sealed cups to ensure the highest level hygiene and safety. We offing a wide menu of thirst-quenching drinks. Our products are combined with coffee creamer from Nestlé and Yakult, pudding and fruit drink made from […]

booth 20

7 October, 2022


Company Introduction: Choose the deep blue that represents professionalism and elegance as the base, the male craftsman on the logo represent the founder of DING TEA Mr. “HSU, WEI-HSIANG”. The Shaker cup that was held is a symbol of the hand-shaken drink industry and DINGTEA’s persistence of “Shake for Life” from the beginning to the […]

booth C6

26 October, 2019


Item Introduction: Franchising dry cleaning and coloring service for bags & shoes Company Introduction: Colorwash provides customeized cleaning, protection and restoration services and products for your belongings since 2003. Where every encounter is matched by expert counsel weaned from decades of experience impacting lives. Like yours. Because cleanliness is not a luxury, but a right, […]

booth F3

26 October, 2019

Chicken Phong / Tenyears

Item Introduction: Cool until the last drop! Garten’s Ice Cooling Table is a patented product that keeps draft beer at the most delicious 4 ~ 6 ℃ and you can enjoy the delicious beer taste that does not change even after a long time and It refers to the technology that covers the discolored teeth […]

booth F2

26 October, 2019


Item Introduction: Premium Samgyupsal using ageing pork belly Wherever you are in the world, enjoy Samgyupsal, most loved food by Koreans, in great quality as you taste in Korea. Company Introduction: SY Group is a global franchise company realizing advanced Franchise System and distributing food products, kitchen equipment and utensil. Differences of Chung Choon Yeon […]

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26 October, 2019


booth G17

15 October, 2019

CV Tujuh Bintang Jaya

The company is located in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We produce regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee. Our decaffeinated coffee is solvent free, no artificial flavour, no chemical added, and not instant coffee.

booth G9, G10

12 October, 2019


Casa Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 as a 100% foreigner invested company. We produce high-quality with competitive price tea and coffee raw material. Collecting nearly 20 years of professional experience, CASA became the leading brand and role model factory in Vietnam. We have 6 main product lines: 1. Tea 2. Tea bag 3. Coffee […]

booth C11

3 October, 2019

Chien Yen Catering Chain Group

Chien Yen Catering Chain Group currently has 37 stores across Taiwan; all of which boast a consistent elegant interior design that features a high ceiling and strikes a perfect balance between splendor and comfort.
In addition to giving the taste buds a tantalizing treat, it also offers consumers the best visual and sensory experience . Chien […]



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