14 August, 2019

Franchising Workshop: The story between 2 countries, Korea & Vietnam

On August 8, 2019, at Sihub Ho Chi Minh City, a seminar was held to talk about franchising stories between two countries, Korea and Vietnam. This is a series of seminars within the Vietnam Int’l Retailtech & Franchise Show – VIETRF 2019.

The second workshop, with the contents: From local to global – Building an international franchise model led by CEOs such as Ms. Nguyen Phi Van – Chairman of Retail & Franchise Asia, Mr. Nguyen Tan Kien Phuoc – Lead Technology Mentor of Fran-A, CEO of 360 Creative Group and Mr. Yun Ju Yong – CEO of GS25 in Vietnam.

Ông Yun Ju Yong – Giám Đốc điều hành GS25 tại Việt Nam

Mr. Yun Ju Yong – CEO of GS25 will talk about the franchise story between 02 countries – Korea & Vietnam. GS25 is currently the largest convenience store chain in Korea, accounting for more than 30% of the retail market in the country. Although the Korean convenience store market was initially “invaded” by two big players, 07 – Eleven and FamilyMart, GS25 has gradually developed and regained the market from these two heavyweight competitors. Vietnam will be the first foreign market of GS25 to aim to open more than 2,500 stores within the next 10 years.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Kien Phuoc – Lead Technology Mentor of Fran-A, CEO of 360 Creative Group shared about: promoting Vietnamese Brand through Franchising.

In the stage of economic development under the chain model, franchising and building a brand to become a chain are issues that Vietnamese businesses are most concerned about today.

Thanh Trúc

Đầu Tư Thương Hiệu

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