9 October, 2019

PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR: Leading Through Innovation

As part of the seminar series in Vietnam Retailtech & Franchise Show (VIETRF). This year, the seminar program returned with very special and useful contents for businesses in need of additional branding knowledge, under the guidance of speaker Nguyen Phi Van and foreigner experts the seminar will help businesses to have a clear vision and plan in franchising branding, business development.

The seminar series will take place continuously for 3 days, from October 31, 2019 to November 2, 2019 within VIETRF.

Session 1 10AM Press Conference and Workshop: GS25 launches franchise model
Representative of GS25 Vietnam
Session 2 2PM How Startups Are Changing The Retail & Franchise Landscape
Speaker: Mrs. Nguyen Phi Van – Founder of FranA Global Franchise Accelerator
Session 3 2.30PM Is music franchisable? A Tale from Kindermusik
Speaker: Yen Bui – Master Educator, Kindermusik Vietnam
Session 4 3PM Z! Cafe Express – When coffee meets automation, IoT & digital payment
Speaker: Mr. Raymond Woo – Co-founder of Z! Cafe Express
Session 5 3.30PM Digital transformation of a small enterprise – The Star Home Spa Journey
Speaker: Hồ Kim Ngân – Co-founder, Star Home Spa
Session 6 4PM On-demand franchise model – The Revo Revolution
Speaker: Ms. Nhi Nguyen – Co-founder, Revo
Session 7 4.30PM A Retail Journey: How to stay competitive in a Omni Channel Environment
Speaker: Mr. Eckart Dutz – GD Pacific Partners (Brand: Uncle Bills)
Session 1 10AM

Industry Keynote Address

Keynote: Tech Franchise – Ideas For The New Economy

Speaker: Mrs. Nguyen Phi Van – Founder of FranA Global Franchise Accelerator
Session 2 11AM The Asian Century – The Rise of Regional Franchise Brands


  • Mr. Albert Kong – CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants.
  • Mr. Troy Franklin – COO of World Franchise Associates
  • Mr. Raymond Woo – Committee Member, ASEAN Retail-chain & Franchise Federation

Moderator: Mrs. Phi Van, Nguyen – Chairwoman of Retail & Franchise Asia

Session 3 1PM Investor Talk – Featuring 4 potential franchise models for Vietnam


  • Earl Enterprise
  • Astoria
  • GS25
  • Little Ceasar
Session 4 2.30PM Why Encouraging Innovation in Franchising Makes Good Business Sense
Speaker: Mr. Troy Franklin – COO of World Franchise Associates
Session 5 3.30PM The Miracle of Franchise Operations Standard – How?
Speaker: Paul Barbone – Director Franchise Operation Asia, Segafredo
Session 1 10AM Keynote: What’s Next in Retail Innovation?
Speaker: Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung – Executive Director of RMS, Nielsen Vietnam
Session 2 11AM Retail Innovation – A Practical Case Study
Speaker: Mdm. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung – Chairwoman, PNJ
Session 3 1PM Innovation – Why it matters, even for MSMEs?
Hands-on Workshop: Design Thinking For Innovation
Workshop Organizer: Arkki ASEAN – Institute of Creativity & Entrepreneurship


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