17 July, 2020

Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities 2020

Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities 2020, ASEAN’s No. 1 franchise and business opportunities show, will take place on October 14-17 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.

Countdown for BEST Franchise Exhibition

  • How can I grow my money ?
  • How do I choose a franchise?
  • How many choices do I have?
  • How can I meet many franchise brand owners at one time?

If you have all these questions in mind, TFBO 2020 (16th edition) is your answers.

            The popularity of franchise business model in ASEAN continues to grow as can be seen from the rising number of new outlets and the entry of new players into Thailand and ASEAN market. More new franchise brands enter the market every year, while existing ones successfully manage to expand their business in domestic and international markets.

            As the biggest international franchise and business opportunities show in ASEAN, TFBO 2020 will serve as the “BEST Effective Platform” between franchise brand owners and all investors from Thailand, and international markets.

Mr. Kavin Kittiboonya, Managing Director of Kavin Intertrade, show organizer, revealed that TFBO 2020 will offer more than 10 franchise business categories for ready to be entrepreneurs who are exploring new investment opportunities with higher return than bank deposits.

Among the 10 categories are Food and Beverages, Coffee, Bakery and Ice-cream, Retail (Convenient Stores), Services and Entertainment, Education, Health Beauty & Spa, Printing IT & Digital, Laundry, Vending Machines, Real Estate, Car Care Services, Licensing and Franchise. 

Mr. Kavin suggest investors to grab this once a year opportunity to meet with over 100 franchisors to discuss their business models and return on investment.

“We intend to open this platform between franchisors and investors for dialogue and exchange of information. Offering seminars to provide knowledge for startups, investors,” Mr. Kavin noted. He also urged visitors/investors to pre-register online, www.thailandfranchising.com, to regularly receive show updates and to make advance appointments with exhibitors to maximize their trip to Bangkok.

Pre-registration is available Now!! 

TFBO 2020 is co-located with three trade shows which are TRAFS 2020 (14th edition) the international trade show for Food, Hotel & Hospitality Services, ASEAN Retail 2020 (5th edition) No.1 International Trade Exhibition for Retail Technology, Design & Marketing and Internet Retailing and the new show Pub & Bar Asia 1st International Trade Show for Pub & Bar Professionals in Asia Pacific.  Four shows in one roof will be held during 14-17 October 2020 at EH102-104, BITEC, Bangkok.

More information please contact: 

Ms. Saranchana Suwannachoti       E-mail: saranchana.kavin@gmail.com

Ms. Varintorn  Patthamakanokporn   E-mail: varintorn.kavin@gmail.com

Or www.thailandfranchising.com 

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