9 November, 2020

79% of Vietnamese consumers prefer non-cash payments

Visa surveys conducted in Vietnam show that 79% of consumers prefer to pay with cards and mobile apps instead of cash.

In the context COVID-19, consumers and businesses in the Asia-Pacific moving to paid digital, Visa has promoted the payment solution is not exposed by phone is available in Vietnam to support small and medium enterprises to participate in the digital economy.

Visa’s recent survey shows that the majority of Asia-Pacific consumers (55%) are likely to use contactless payments by phone, although these methods are not yet widely available. spread in the area.

Meanwhile, Vietnam has seen an increase in the use of e-wallets and payment applications in recent years, with more than 85% of Vietnamese consumers owning at least one e-wallet or application. payments and more than 42% of consumers use contactless payments using mobile devices.

Ms. Dang Tuyet Dung, Visa Director Vietnam and Laos said: “With 129.5 million mobile phone subscribers and about half of them using 3G and 4G, Vietnam is particularly well-adapted to using the bar. Contactless payments with mobile and are already ahead of many advanced economies when it comes to mobile payments.

The country’s high rate of mobile phone usage indicates that consumers are ready for digital payment methods on their phones. 84% of Vietnamese consumers feel safe when making mobile payments, demonstrating the potential of mobile payments in increasing consumer confidence nationwide in digital payments in general. “

According to Visa’s survey in Vietnam, 79% of consumers prefer to pay with cards and mobile apps instead of cash, while 43% of consumers said they ordered food online more often. when a pandemic occurs.

For small and micro businesses, contactless payments by phone are a safe and economical way to accept Visa payments and enjoy the benefits of digital commerce. This is especially true when the gap from COVID-19 has made exposure restriction a priority for consumers.

According to Ms. Dung, with 71% of users using e-wallets or payment apps at least once a week, consumers’ demand for payment methods and modern technologies are creating opportunities. New associations for businesses, and strengthening contactless payment methods by mobile are one of the solutions that will boost Vietnam’s digital payment market in the 21st century.

Source: tin247.com

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