19 September, 2019

Vietnam ranks 8/12 in the world’s leading franchise market

Vietnam is ranked 8th among the top 12 markets targeted by international businesses for franchising, of which 43% of Korean businesses have chosen Vietnam in their franchise strategy.

Ms. Nguyen Phi Van – President of Retail & Franchise Asia – said: Vietnam is currently ranked 8th of the top 12 markets identified by the International Franchise Association as the most valuable for global expansion. Potential areas for franchisees include: Food – beverages, education, health and nutrition, business services, hotels, fashion, beauty – skin care, convenience stores profit,…

The report of the Korea Agriculture-Food Group also shows that Vietnam is the destination chosen by 43% of Korean companies when there are 360 stores belonging to Korean food and beverage companies. was present in Vietnam. Among them are Tous Les Jours, a Korean bread brand owned by CJ Foodville Vietnam.


Looking at the future market prospects, Ms. Nguyen Phi Van said that in the next 3 years, Vietnam will continue to be the destination of international brands, especially regional brands.


With this trend, learning about the market through conferences and exhibitions specializing in franchising is essential for Vietnamese businesses. For example, with a series of seminars, businesses can participate in seminars on franchise trends as well as share experiences from experts such as Ms. Nguyen Phi Van, businesses that have and will do franchising. in Vietnam.

In addition, businesses can also learn about franchising through the International Exhibition of Shop Technology and Franchise (VIETRF 2019) held in November 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

According to the organizer of VIETRF 2019, this exhibition was created with the purpose of providing a venue for business owners and shops to find the optimal solution to help them expand the brand’s scale and move towards franchising.

This year, the exhibition gathered a lot of franchise brands, including 20 Korean brands, 10 Singapore brands, 50 Taiwanese brands, 10 Japanese brands … Especially, at VIETRF 2019 also gathered franchise model owners are looking for business partners, investors, franchises … in areas such as food – beverage, health – beauty, fashion, retail – business translation. service…

Theo Báo Công Thương

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