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booth E12, E14

4 October, 2019


YOU&ME – HESTON Remembered 10 years ago, when the milk tea industry was quite new, we were one of the enterprises to import qualified beverage ingredients from Taiwan to Vietnam and received great support from agents. In 2019, the F&B market is increasingly diversing, it is time to create something new to provide better service […]

booth D11- D14

12 October, 2019

YOYOSO – Yiwu Think Tanks Trading Co.,Ltd

YOYOSO is Aesthetics Life Designer Brand, owning 1000+ stores around the world. YOYOSO brings Aesthetics and Fast Fashion into the products. There are 5000 products selling in YOYOSO Franchise Stores, including Health & Beauty , Creative Home Necessaries, Fashionable Accessories, Fashionable Bags, Digital Accessories, Stationery & Gifts, Seasonal Products etc. Website: www.yoyosobrand.com  

booth P1, P2

26 October, 2019


Item Introduction: Tired of carrying coupon booklets when you visit a store? Ever forget to bring local discount coupons? Worry no more! All you need is your smart phone and let YOYOSTAMP. Take care of the rest. You can collect all your loyalty points and savings coupons in one app, YOYOSTAMP! Company Introduction: We, YOYOSTAMP […]

booth D6

26 October, 2019

Young Qin International Co., Ltd.

Fried Chicken Master is a brand of Taiwanese Cuisine, Knowing the tasty secret of chicken, with the exclusive recipe, our fried chicken is more tender and juicy inside, yet less oily, while the skin remains crispy and crunchy. The Young Qin International Co., LTD belongs to the Super Qin Group. The Super Qin Group was […]

booth VF

13 October, 2022


Brand Introduction: Our family has a over 30 years of orchard farming honey mangoes, jackfruit and longan in Chiang Rai province of Northern Thailand. Thai Honey Mangoes (Nam Dok Mai) are known worldwide and considered one of the best mangoes in the world for its rich and sweet taste. This led us to take the […]

booth VF

14 October, 2022


Brand Introduction: The owners of FUTAGO were born as twin brothers in Osaka, the most popular city for yakiniku in Japan. FUTAGO means “twins” in Japanese. YAKINIKU, meaning “grilled      meat”, is   a Japanese term that, in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat cuisine. “YAKINIKU” originally referred to western “Barbecue” food.  Yakiniku, in Japanese, means […]


19 October, 2022

Young Americana Supply Co., LTD

Company Introduction: Young Americana Supply(YAS) was first known as the brand for selling footwear products. Our products have been sold in more than 1,000 stores in many countries around the world. Gradually we become the trusted premium footwear care brand in the hearts of consumers. And that is how ¨Y.A.S Shoe Care Center” was born! […]

booth H2

31 October, 2022


Company Introduction: As a full service marketing and advertising agency we are here to help you in whatever capacity you need. Our unrivaled reach and extensive database, we is an ideal platform for your needs in Vietnam market.   Products/ Service: The first edition of “Vietnam Manufacturers Directory” was published in January 2009. This directory […]


booth WFA

7 October, 2019

Z! Cafe

INVEST LESS, WORK LESS, EARN MORE ! Ask Z! CAFE EXPRESS for such a futuristic franchise opportunity!WHAT IF, MACHINES WORK, WHITE YOU EARN AND ENJOY LIFE ? – Passive Income – 100% App Management – Super Low Investment – Simple Operation CONTACT US + 84 90 300 3325 – Ms. Phi Van Nguyen + 60 […]

booth C10

26 October, 2019


Seoul Garden Group – the leading Korean International/Asian dining provider globally. This is made possible by building a culture based on Seoul Garden Group’s RACER (Relationship, Agility, Champion, Empowerment, Resilience) values that inspire our people to bring the best Korean International/Asian experience and enjoyment to people around the world. As a market leader and trend […]

booth D14

19 October, 2022


Company Introduction: TEA TOP is a bubble milk tea brand from Taiwan. We started the tea business since 1907. We have our own tea farm; tea leaf factories and century-old tea culture. TEA TOP CEO is the fourth generation. From the century-old tea inheritance, we hope that we can do something for the whole industry […]



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